Behind The Scenes: Alexandra Burke’s Flavour Cover Shoot


    Alexandra Burke’s recently delivered her television debut performance of ‘Elephant’ on ‘Let’s Dance for Sports Relief’ and she kept the momentum churning by landing the cover of the March/April issue of Flavour magazine. However, the singer discussed a range of topics in the publications instead of only focusing on the track, which will be available on March 1st.

    Addressing her former boss and mentor, Simon Cowell, Burke revealed that she still maintains a positive relationship with the media mogul. Yet, she made it clear that he career always comes first and that mentality inspired her decision to leave Syco Entertainment and join RCA Records.

    Read an excerpt from Burke’s Flavour interview and watch behind the scenes footage of the shoot below:

    Who are you signed with?

    It’s just RCA [Records] now.

    So no contact with Simon Cowell now?

    No, there is; he’s still involved but not as much as he was on the first album. Simon is the boss and has the overall say over everything, but because he’s so busy in the States, I was like, when I need answers you’re eight hours behind, I’ve got go to RCA! He agreed; it was a mutual decision.

    Info via Flavour!


    • Tim

      BACAWK. Ebony Big Bird.

    • Glad that she’s asserting control over her career and not sitting back and lettting the moguls make all the decisions