Alexandra Burke Unleashes Her ‘Elephant’ On ‘This Morning’


    Alexandra Burke This Morning TheLavaLizard
    Alexandra Burke guests on 'This Morning'.

    Alexandra Burke promoted her new single, ‘Elephant’ on ‘Daybreak’ and she repeated herself on ‘This Morning’. Seriously, she literall┬áregurgitated the exact same interview and performance on the show, which aired yesterday.

    Basically, Burke spoke about the direction of her new album, the concept of ‘Elephant’, giggled for about a minute then performed the tune. Don’t believe me? Watch her entire ‘This Morning’ showing below:


    • DavidD

      LOL at the stats…. y’all could have just not shown any at all. And what’s going on with her hair? That pony tail looks like it’s snatching her own hair. #NoShade