Alexandra Burke Covers Janet Jackson’s ‘Let’s Wait Awhile’


    Alexandra Burke Janet Jackson TheLavaLizard
    Alexandra Burke performs Janet Jackson's 'Let's Wait Awhile'.

    Alexandra Burke is a very talented singer but lately her voice has been overwhelmed by the synths of Dance music and heavy vocal production. However, her rendition of Janet Jackson’s ‘Let’s Wait Awhile’ on SoulCulture TV provided a reminder of her true ability.

    Subtle and reserved, Burke brilliantly interpreted ‘Let’s Stay Awhile’ with her her husky voice.¬†Watch Burke her in action below:

    Too young to remember Jackson’s version of ‘Let’s Stay Awhile’? Watch the video below:


    • kingphoenix

      Its such a shame when such great talents such as Alex are being misused on Dance music…I am glad my girl Bey stood to her guns. Can you imagine if MiMi comes out with a Dance pop song next? I will officially die.

    • Tia

      Very lovely.Respectfully done.

    • D’Jon Paul

      She did a great job

    • NKE

      i really enjoyed that.

    • tripp.

      YES!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a fan of both Janet and Alexandra and I didn’t expect her to sound so good due to that trashy ass Elephant song. She should do more songs acoustic.

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    • Salem

      Janet’s is miles better