Toni Braxton Readies New Single & Album


    Toni Braxton has experienced her share of personal and professional setbacks during the decade but it seems that the contralto diva is finally ready to forge a comeback. In fact, she has already recorded several tracks for a new album, readied a new single and projected release dates for both records!

    Braxton will premiere her new single, ‘I Heart You’, in March. She broke the news to Rocco Leo Gaglioti of ‘Fashion News Live’ at Mercedes-Benz 2012 Fall/Winter Fashion Week that the Dance-themed record has been completed and that she is currently preparing to film its accompanying video.

    Additionally, Braxton will issue her new album in May. The LP will entail only nine songs as well as a remix of one of the tracks. Braxton has yet to announce the specific dates of the album and the ‘I Heart You’.

    Watch Braxton’s interview with ‘Fashion News Live’ below:

    Hopefully, Braxton has found the right team to help her to promote her new material in the correct manner. ‘Pulse’ entailed solid tracks but beyond a few live performances, the project’s supporting marketing campaign was quite underwhelming.

    Regarding Braxton’s return to Dance music, that is quite a clever move. Along with Mariah Carey and Gloria Estefan, Braxton was one of the first artists to utilise Dance remixes of her tunes in the 1990s and helped to make the artform mainstream in the US. Besides, going against the current trend would only do Braxton more harm than anything else.

    I am just excited to hear Braxton’s voice on the radio again!


    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I’m excited. But only 9 tracks? I was hoping for at least 12-13 but whatever floats Toni’s boat.

    • Ariana

      Yassss Miss New York! I miss this bitch on TV!!! LOL…. Oh, good to see Toni is getting back to the studio. Werk girl.

    • Rome

      I can’t wait to hear Toni’s new single and buy the album!!! asdfjklj;j;lkdkla;; I’m so excited! Now Simon needs to put Toni on X-Factor’s judging panel.

    • Rome

      P.S. I also think that it is clever and strategic what Toni is doing by returning to dance music. Toni can easily get a number 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart and that will at least give her a bit more recognition in the music scene today. Sometimes her music just bubbles then fizzes out on the Hip Hop/R&B Chart and never even charts on the Hot 100.

    • babe

      That guy just threw shade to Serena’s body type. Damn!

    • rod grey

      toni braxton is the best singer there is and i cant wait for her new single and album to be released

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