Sneak Peek: Madonna Cheers In ‘Give Me All Your Luvin” Video


    If you’re in the mood to see a 53-year old woman pretend to be a cheerleader while dancing around in a leotard then have no fear because Madonna is here. The middle-aged mother released an extended preview of her ‘Give Me All Your Luvin” video via ‘American Idol’ this evening and it depicted her acting more like a young Britney Spears than the supposed Queen of Pop.

    The full version of ‘Give Me’, which features Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. will debut tomorrow. The song will also be available exclusively on iTunes at that time until February 6th.

    Watch the previews of ‘Give Me’ below:


    • blah

      LMAO! Someone tell her that her time is up.. please

    • Naudisweet(Xtina Stan)

      I didn’t think it could more embarrassing than the Hard Candy era, along with the immature Sticky and Sweet tour (which I regrettably paid almost $300). I guess I was wrong. WTF is this crap?!

    • cliff

      lmao really? the song is weak and the video smh

    • Ni

      Just Sad! I use to like her somewhat back in the 80’s but now… no bueno. Sometimes its best to leave with grace but oops I forgot who were are talking about Madonna. She a Leo we can never leave well enough alone. 🙁

    • Jacob

      I love it. Love her. She’s hot. She’s working it. I don’t believe in putting expiration dates on women in music.

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    • Bri

      I agree Jacob. There are men who are her age and who are much older than her and still performing and making music and acting as if they’re young. Why should she have to bow out? Why can’t she have fun or be sexy? Jennifer Lopez is over 40, a mother, and constantly singing about dancing in the club. I don’t recall anyone telling her to bow out.
      The song sounds ok, from what I can hear anyway. The video looks cute. I don’t see what’s so bad about it.
      I have a feeling some people are still upset about the things she’s said about other pop-stars, which I still maintain weren’t even that bad (particularly the Janet “shade.”)
      I’m looking forward to the Superbowl performance as well.

    • baf

      i m not impress at all neither by the song nor by the video …….next