New Video: Alexandra Burke – ‘Elephant’


    When behind the scenes footage of Alexandra Burke’s ‘Elephant’ was released last month, her team praised her for her incredible dancing and versatility. However, it appears that the best parts of the clip were accidentally edited because the visual demonstrated little of her abilities.

    ‘Elephant’ is the first offering from Burke upcoming studio album, which will debut later this year. According to Burke, the video supposedly represents a woman who has changed since leaving her boyfriend and has become empowered.

    Watch the ‘Elephant’ video below:

    So, exactly which part of this video was supposed to display Burke’s remarkable dancing? Also, where were the┬áreferences┬áto the relationship? Maybe I’m just a bit slow or something is wrong with my computer but I fail to say the connection between striking poses in a poorly lit warehouse and the theme that Burke suggested.

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    • Completely agree!

    • WonderLand19

      Ok then…..What a way to start a new era. I wish someone BETTER would have directed her video. Next time Alex says anything postive about this project like ‘OMG, i cant wait for u guys to hear this song, its AMAZING!!’, ‘Just seen my new video and its EPIC’ i’ll take it with a gain of salt.
      Videos are meant to make the song better and this fell flat. I didnt even like the song and now i defo dont like it.
      I’m a Alex fan and i wish her all the best so i hope her second single is better then this rubbish. she can be so much better.

    • Look at Trent sill hating. Stop being a Leona loon Trent and try and be honest.
      Alex looks good and sounds good end of.

    • Joss

      I don’t like what I will say, but man, she’s so NOT pretty :S and the song is so tipical, and we had a LOT of songs like that, I don’t get it why she sings about elephants :S anyway don’t like it, next

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Alex, girlfriend…
      Just no… nothing else but no should’ve have been said to this video.

    • olly_tei


      this what you call a budget music vid, visuals are barely there. even for a gritty/edgy aesthetic, the set is just too dull and flat.

    • Hmm, could have been a better video for such a heavily-synthesized, clubby track, but it’s a decent video and it’s great to have Alexandra back

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