Mariah Carey Remembers Whitney Houston On ‘GMA’


    Many people expressed their grief regarding the death of Whitney Houston but few of them actually had the opportunity to actually meet her. However, her longtime chart rival, friend and one time collaborator Mariah Carey was among the persons who knew the fallen diva very well and she shared her thoughts about her comrade on ‘Good Morning America‘ today.

    Speaking of Houston’s moving funeral ceremony that she attended on February 18th, Carey remarked that her peer was a “class act.” In addition to that topic, the legend also shard details about her new initiative with Jenny Craig, her husband Nick Cannon’s health problems and a new song that she will finish recording next week that is related to the passing of Houston.

    Watch Carey’s full ‘GMA’ interview below:


    • xo

      u go girl!! keep doing what you’re doing. so excited for some new BANGERS!!

    • Shea Butter

      She looks great! And that frame is ready to hit the stage again I see!!

    • Kingphoenix

      Every time i see her now all i think about is: “I am not a hologram, despite what that lady from Jenny Craig said.”
      I can’t wait to see hear her new material!

    • Kanyade

      She looks great 🙂

    • dom

      @kingphornix omg lool you watch go 2 b real haha Whitney was great in it, sad really

    • kitteneyez2012

      i was there i met her, she held my hand smiled at me, signed my perfume box and hugged me and i started wellin up! she is an amazing person who loves her fans! those 4/5 hrs standing in the cold was totally worth it,toes numb fingers numb,because today i met a legend! God bless Mariah and her family always

    • sexicaliswagg

      Damn Mariah looking good there

    • Tahj M.

      I’ve noticed that every female singers ( Janet , JLO , Mariah ) have been wearing black in their interviews since Whitney passed

    • Ariana

      Mimi looks gorge! Interview was fun, I loved what she said about Whitney. Class act for sure, both of them! 🙂

    • Adrian

      Mariah looks amazing! I love when she is in tip top shape! She always knows how to write a beautiful song in tribute to ppl, (Twister,The Wind,Sunflowers For Alfred Roy,etc.) so I can’t wait to hear this new material.

      R.I.P. Nippy

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