Jessie J Embarrasses Rihanna With ‘We Found Love’ Cover


    Artists are usually flattered when their peers cover their music. However, Rihanna might not be so thrilled when she hears what Jessie J did with her mega hit ‘We Found Love‘. In fact, the latter sang the tune so brilliantly that Rihanna would probably feel a mix of embarrassment, shame, sadness and anger.

    Jessie J visited the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge today and in addition to singing her own hit tune ‘Domino’, she covered Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’. Amazingly, she brought new meaning to the record without the assistance of a Chris Brown lookalike, a backtrack or auto-tune.

    Listen to Jessie J’s BBC Radio 1 performances below:


    ‘We Found Love’

    I wonder how Rihanna must feel to know that every artist who has covered her music to date has sound far better than her? Even ‘The X Factor (US)’ contestant Josh Krajcik’s performance of ‘We Found Love’ was superior to hers so what does that say about her limited ability?

    In 15 years, if BET ever makes the mistake of honoring Rihanna, the producers of the BET Honors won’t have to search for too long to find someone to cover her music. They could simply pull people from the nearest subway station, give them a $15 iTunes gift card and ask them sing one of her songs that they have set as a ringtone.

    Photo by BBC


    • DRB

      SHADE HEFFA SHADE!!!! Go on Jessie!

    • Alexia

      Shade. Lmao. But that’s exactly why WFL was a hit video wise. The CB lookalike. And I swear is in that Cake song I wouldn’t be able to deal. Biggest publicity stunt ever.

    • DRB

      Truly, she murdered that. Rihanna please sit. Jessie, your next album needs substance. I like you but WYA was garbage.

    • Jessie effortlessly SNATCHED Rihanna’s wet n’ wavy clip-ins with this shit!! Rihanna who???

    • audrey_j

      i’m here for the gif LMAO

    • Love this!!!!

    • jo

      I love Jessie J. She and Chris Brown seem friendly ever since they toured together back when both of them were teens I think.

      She’s so talented, plus she’s a fan of one of my favs – Chris Brown. Yes! This girl is the ticket!

    • Adam

      That gif >>>>>>>>>> says it all.

    • SparkD

      I disagree. Jessie J oversang that song. Rihanna brought an innocence to the song that symbolized young, carefree, and dangerous love.

    • MISHKA

      Tara and LaFayette are the icing on this shade cake lol

    • Cindy

      Lool that gif! That’s got to be embarrasing!!

    • Shea Butter

      Yes!!!! I don’t get into Jessie like that but she slayed “We Found Love”, I finally like the song!!

      Go Jessie!!

    • Chile Please

      Jessie J oversings

    • Ugh

      I think jessie oversang it but she sounded better than rihanna.

    • WonderLand19


    • RBH

      Personally, I think Jessie J felt that every word was a chance to show off with inappropriately, annoying vibrato, runs and/or belts. The most redeeming quality in Rihanna’s vocal performance in WFL is the simplicity with which she sings the song. She too could do riffs and runs throughout the entire song, but then you’d be listening to the notes as opposed to the lyrics. Rihanna may not be the second coming of Whitney, but she certainly understands how to craft a pop song.

      Besides, when was the last time you saw a Jessie J song sitting at the top of a chart besides the Bubbling Under one?

    • Pat

      Obviously Jessie J is a better singer than Rihanna, but she did way too much with it. It’s actually ridiculous to sing We Found Love that way, it repeats the same 7 words over and over again, it goes much better as a dance pop song.

    • Justice198

      I don’t think that Jessie J oversung, she sung it how she wanted to sing it and it sounds beautiful. Some people are mad that Rihanna truly does look inferior in the vocal category when people cover her material but lets face the facts, Rihanna is pretty, has a great team behind her of writers, video directors and promo but she isn’t a top notch vocalist. Jessie J is doing things the traditional route instead of attaching everyone who is anyone on the project and having them push you to #1.

    • DRB

      “[Rihanna] too could do riffs and runs ”


    • Sheila

      LOFL @ “JESSIE J SNATCHING Rihanna” The funniest thing is, nobody cares. Rihanna’s is still all over the radio and Jessie J is a absolute nobody here in the states.

    • Keesha

      I get that everyone has their own preference with singing, but I personally this Jessie’s version is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,(and infinite amount of zeros) better than Rih’s version. She put so much more feeling into this song because she sounded like a human being, not an auto-tuned robot. She’s an amazing talent and she actually sang this song.

    • Keesha

      (*an* infinite amount of zeros)

    • Keesha

      but I personally *think that Jessie’s version*. -__- I hate typos.

    • Bye.

      She sounded nice… but We Found Love is not the song for all of that.

    • you can’t compare a ballad version to the regular dance version. Jessie wouldn’t sing it this way if she would have sung the regular version. That’s too much for that specific song.

    • harray28

      lmao! I slay Rihanna’s version in my sleep!

    • Pokemon Trainer(Sinnoh)

      over-sing??…nahhh! far from it!……Her cover version of “We Found Love” is brilliant!…and Domino’s Acoustic version! love it 😀

    • TheShadedTruth

      Wow! That other poor girl… She WWII’d this.

    • Bee

      What was said in this post is true and I agree, but for a song like We Found Love that has very simple and repetitive lyrics, Rihanna’s “vocals” or lack thereof actually worked. No need for someone like Jesse J to sing this song. Her talents could be put to much better use elsewhere.

    • Bee

      I still loved Jesse’s version of it though.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Jessie is so great!

    • Raluca

      how the hell can you say “embarrasses”? this cover is amazing.. i love rihanna but jessie has a better voice than her.. brilliant! go on jessie, ignore them

    • Girrrl

      LMAO @ RBH and the Bubbling Under Chart. I love Rihanna and Jessie’s version but I think Rihanna’s is more about the message and Jessie’s is more about the vocal. @ Ralucha Trent means that Jessie sang the song better than Rihanna.

    • Audrey

      Rihanna who?

    • Meme

      Sometimes its not always about having the better voice. Do you honestly believe that had Jesse J released this song it would have been a hit? I dont. Rihannas version draws on other elements, not just vocals.

    • Gee

      NO WAY JESSIE J!!!



    • Chloe

      If it wasn’t for Calvin Harris the song wouldn’t be as big as it is. As for the meaning of the song, J’s draws on the melancholic aspects of hopeless love. R’s draws on the fantastic beats of love and great video, um, I don’t actually know because I love the lyrics of the song (even though their repeated forever). R’s is a great dance track, J’s is a great “feeling” song. Why are talented singers being called oversingers? (Especially when defending the likes of Taylor Swift, Rihanna & Katy Perry)

    • papi

      chloe, i couldn’t have said it any better myself. i guess some people just don’t have the sort of appreciation others have for vocal technique as well as soul. or maybe most people.. i mean, no wonder most chart toppers are inferior vocalists.