Hot Pics: Whitney Houston & Ray J Hook Up In Hollywood


    Whitney Houston reunited with her ex-husband, Bobby Brown, earlier this week and last evening she reignited  her relationship with another man in her life. The singer formerly known as The Voice was seen exiting Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood with Ray J, with whom she always shared an intriguing bond.

    There is no word regarding the current status of Houston’s personal relationship with Ray J. See more images of the pair below:

    Photos via The YBF!

    What do you think of the pics?

    • LB

      Wow Whitney looks GOOD!!

    • sam

      Whitney looks hot! Cougar LOL! Go Whitney…she’s a woman, she got needs!

    • staymadho

      She’ll ALWAYS be The Voice, bitch. Continually SLAYING your fav, ho.

    • Keisha

      Ray J…ewww. He looks like he smells like bacon and smegma. Whitney looks good, though..

    • !

      Why. is Ray J there?

    • sean

      whitney looks great and she is and will continue to be known as ‘the voice’ hater!

    • Stoney-Brie

      she is one beautiful woman who doesn’t give a fuck about her hair lmao

    • plain & simple

      Whitney will always be the woman with the big voice. That woman used to hold that noteeeeee that put chills in you body. Also this picture of her looks great

    • Tim

      Whitney looks great! Sparkle must have saved her. I hoped it saved her voice..

    • Conglomerate

      she looks fantastic and happy! Get it Whit!

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