Hot Pics: Kelly Rowland & Jennifer Hudson Bring Curls To ‘Think’ Premiere


    Kelly Rowland and Jennifer Hudson sported very similar hairstyles at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Think like a Man’ last evening. Ne-Yo, who collaborated with the Hudson and Rick Ross on the title track of the film, also hit the black carpet and proudly posed for the photographers.

    See more images of Rowland and Hudson below:

    Photos by Getty Images Collection

    What do you think of the pics?

    • lore

      ive read the book, cant w8 2 C the movie:d

    • Trav

      I just hate Jennifer Hudson being skinny. She’s having that Star Jones moment when you’re head is to big for your body. But that usually happens when you take the liposuction/tummy tuck route instead of the natural exercise and eat right route. I’m just saying…..

    • Ugh

      Yep you hit the nail on the head. she reminds me of star jones. I mean look at her thighs….YUCK!

    • jjenn

      jenifer looks danm good…and i love how confident she is now..fatty stay mad..its no ones fault ur too lazy to work out..and i just love kelly always looks so youthful..seem she hasnt aged at all