Hot Pics: Guess Who!


    Guess which blonde beauty was spotted with Chris Brown at LAX yesterday! Hint: she is a fashionista!

    It’s Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran!

    Shots via Chris Brown Blog!

    What do you think of the pics?

    • BIIIIIIIIITCH!!! You tried it!

      Where is Rihanna? …

    • Tim

      Who is that? Is Chris Brown wanting a Rihanna look alike.

    • Ugh

      same way Rihanna wanted a Chris Brown lookalike with Matt and that guy from her WFL video 🙂

    • !!!!!!!!!

      CAN WE GET THIS STRAIGHT!!! Trent. Can you pull up and post a picture of Karcoochie from last December (the one with Chris in Dubai) where coochie CLEARLY premièred her BLONDE loose curls. LONG BEFORE RIHANNA started this cloning process, even down to the new super skinny body.

      Don’t know if it’s for a video or what but Rihanna is clearly trying to shake Coochie, her image and her relationship with Chris.

    • follow me @gdboyratedloud

      bitch….. seriously???? she aint famous….. and them ashy ass knuckles on the bodyguard<<<<<<<<<