Celebrating 200 Music Minutes!


    Since The Lava Lizard launched in June 2011, we have been flicking through the history books and enjoying the exciting accomplishments of acts from across the industry with our signature Music Minute feature. Now, after more than seven months of fun facts, we are thrilled to celebrate our 200th Music Minute!

    From Michael Jackson and his signature moonwalk to LMFAO’s surprising connection to industry pioneer Berry Gordy, Music Minute has truly been the most exciting feature on The Lava Lizard. People claimed that it would impossible to compile just 50 of these facts but now we have arrived at 200 and there are still dozens of topics for us to explore!

    So, as we reflect on what we have already achieved during the last few months, check out some of my personal Music Minute articles below:

    Did you know that Michael Jackson and Prince once performed on the same stage with their idol James Brown? Read more here!

    Did you know that Trey Songz has yet to achieve a platinum album in the US? Read more here!

    Did you know that the certifications awarded to albums do not reflect how many copies of those records were actually sold in stores? Read more here!

    Did you know that the members of the Electro-Hop group LMFAO are the son and grandson of Motown founder Berry Gordy? Read more here!

    Did you know that Minnie Riperton was widely regarded as the artist who popularised the use of the whistle register in contemporary music? Read more here!

    Did you know that George Michael’s ‘Faith’ was the first album by a white solo artist to nab the #1 spot on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart? Read more here!

    Did you know that the top-selling Latin artist of the 1990s, Selena, was killed by the president of her fan club? Read more here!

    Did you know that Michael Jackson was not the inventor of the moonwalk? Read more here!

    Did you know that feuding rappers Lil Kim and Foxy Brown’s debut albums were released exactly one week apart? Read more here!

    Did you know that in addition to his seven Grammy AwardsPrince has won an Academy Awardand a Golden Globe Award? Read more here!

    Thank you for continuing to support The Lava Lizard and helping the Music Minute to become a key defining factor of the site! Remember, if you have any suggestions then don’t hesitate send an email or tweet your submissions on Twitter!

    Finally, for the 200th time, I am delighted to say…

    Now you know!

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      Yay for Trent!!! Congratulations!!

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      WOOOOW 200??? Time is flying! Keep them coming!

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      Congrats Trent and thanks for educating us!!

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      Music Minute rocks!

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      Congratz!! You deserve a nice chill bottle of moscato. 🙂 Here’s to 200+ more.

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      I love music minutes! Thanks for giving us readers 200 facts that we can throw at people.

    • SparkD

      I used to have an AllMusic book on r&b and the black music, where you get a lot of profiles on information very similar to your Music Minute. Everytime you do one, it reminds me of that book.

      Also, you need to do a profile of the “pretty girl r&b” chicks of the 90’s like Vanessa Williams, Pebbles, Jody Watley, and Karyn White. Three of those girls could dance very well, while performing. There was actually some beef with Jody and Madonna. Also, Janet Jackson was a “glass ceiling” promo machine, which stifled most of these ladies except for Vanessa who went to film.