Burning Up: Rebecca Ferguson


    Burning Up is back again with yet another incredible artist! Liverpool native and former ‘The X Factor (UK)’ contestant Rebecca Ferguson is one of the most promising acts to have emerged from the UK music scene in quite some time and has already earned gushing comparisons to Amy Winehouse and Adele.

    However, don’t assume that Ferguson is just another karaoke singer like her ‘X Factor (UK)’ counterparts. Rather, she quite a talented songwriter and her determination to prove her abilities with a pen is what truly distinguishes her from her peers. In fact, she even co-wrote every track of her platinum-certified ‘Heaven’ debut album!

    An avid British Soul singer, Ferguson has listed Aretha Franklin as one of her key inspirations and the similarities between her brand of music and the Queen of Soul are undeniable. Watch the video for Ferguson’s ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ video below:

    What is truly captivating about Ferguson is the raw power and soulful tone of her voice. Without major vocal gymnastics or a barrage of beats, her sound is incredibly interesting and relatable.

    British Soul has continued to thrive despite the popularity of House and Dance/Pop, and Ferguson is a fine addition to that mix. It would be interesting, however, to see if she will be able to crack the US market, especially in the wake of Adele, to whom she is quite similar. Yet, there is always one UK act that rises to popularity on the international scene every year so Ferguson’s time might approaching.

    Let’s end this feature with Ferguson’s latest offering, ‘Too Good To Lose’:


    • MyCooL

      Finally!!! She is one of my favorite artists out right now 😀 I really hope she cracks into the US

    • sam

      I love her! Heaven is beautiful. Teach Me How To Be Loved is one of my favourites! I wish the album was longer! It’s the best album from a reality TV contestant I’ve ever listened to. She reminds me a lot of Gabrielle.

    • hassan

      I ♥ this post so much! I am so glad I introduced you to her Trent, she is such a great artist and such a raw talent! Best thing to come from UK X Factor since Leona/Alexandra Burke

    • MyCooL

      My favorite live performance by her http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av0Rnt_CtGM&ob=av2n

    • !

      “Teach me how to be loved” is gripping and I’m in love with “Shoulder to Shoulder”

    • !

      You should Vimeo for videos not available in the US. YouTube does way too much blocking.

    • Britt Aye

      Both videos not available in the US! 🙁 1st Marcus’ post and now this

    • FAB IT

      honestly i didn t give a fuck about her since i knew she was on x factor but now that saw her video music and all she got a good voice good music….thanks trent

    • Fadddy

      shoulder to shoulder is my jam!!!

    • theman

      She’s great. She sounds like Aretha,Natalie Cole & Macy Gray all in one.

    • olly_tei

      They should have saved this single for april/may

    • YAS! So happy you did a post on Rebecca!

      She has one of the most unique and distinctive female voices to come out of our country!

      So proud of what she’s achieved in writing her debut and the critical acclaim it has received

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