Sneak Peek: ‘The Game’ (Season 5 / Episode 5)


    As the fifth season of BET’s hit series ‘The Game’ continues to gain momentum, the network has issued a preview of next week’s episode to ensure that viewers remain┬ácaptivated┬áby the series. In this new installment, entitled ‘Grand Opening, Grand Closing’, Jason and Chardonnay – played by Brandy – continue to date and explore the possibilities of their surprise marriage.

    Watch the sneak peek of Episode 5 of ‘The Game’ below:

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    • Although ‘The Game’ hasn’t been as entertaining as it used to be since it came to BET, I cannot help but watch.

      Now, I love Brandy as much as the next person, but I would much rather see her in the studio working on an album, then on BET giving poor acting ability. Maybe BET can substitute in Kelly Rowland. Lord knows she has PLENTY of free time on her hands.

    • Jezzari Asantiago

      The game is getting weaker every season. But I love Brandy on the show! She adds a more real concept on the show. Every other character are a bit too fake and booshie!