New Feature: Caribbean Heat!


The Lava Lizard is currently based in Trinidad & Tobago and after more than six months of incredible success garnered while covering popular US and UK acts, the time has come to introduce a new dimension to the site – Caribbean Heat! This new feature will highlight some of the most exciting acts of the West Indies and expose the world to an incredible crop of talent!

From Trinidad to Jamaica and across the region, Caribbean Heat will be hosted twice a month on The Lava Lizard! Perhaps, this new facet would prove to the world that Rihanna is not the benchmark of talent in our region.

So what exactly does the Caribbean have to offer? Calypso, Soca, Dancehall, Reggae and so much more! Listen to recent hits from some of our leading artists below to get a taste of Caribbean Heat!

Denise Belfon – ‘Dance & Dingolay’

Destra – ‘Keep on Wukkin’

Machel Montano – ‘Gyal Wuk’


  • jiji

    whats the diffirence between Calypso, Soca, Dancehall, Reggae…is it not all the same???

  • JAMBunny

    This is relly good. I love Destra!!!

  • EmpressVal

    Thank you so much for this feature Trent!!

  • JAMBunny

    No it is not all the same. I believe ppl hear “Caribbean music” & think of one or two songs that they have heard dat sound similar & write off everything else. They dont even bother to look @ the other genres & sounds.smh

  • vanitylove93

    I’m glad Trent added this feature to his blog. I must admit I didnt know to much about Caribbean music and the different genres of it. but it sounds amazing and I;m enjoying it so far.

  • whatever

    lol at all the same, but Trent will school you

  • Terry Torrid HD

    Yes for Destra, Machel & Denise Belfon….can’t wait for NYC to have a fete

  • WonderLand19



    Thanks Trent! I am having a jolly good old time in my room. This is such a great feature.

  • Destra has crossover appeal and Machel could be the next Akon.

    That first song went over my head…

  • Ugh

    Thanks for this Trent. I’m cheesing right now. 😀

  • AJ

    I am really loving this section of your blog…this was a nice addition. Now you are truly different from the rest while still remaining true to your roots. Keep it up! I am in a jam session right now.

  • NEW SONG POST! Already climbing the dance charts!

  • Amanda

    love it trent…I’m at work wining in the chair…lol…Thank you for this

  • Sparkd

    Thank you Trent for pulling a Melanie Amaro and letting your “island” side out. Now you need to educate us on different Caribbean musical sounds.

  • Bee

    Going to love this! This is exactly what I had suggested in that Lava Lizard Suggestions post! I didn’t know Trent was considering something like this for the site – caught me off guard. This will work well the Lava Lizard brand plus it will be interesting for people not familiar with that this kind of music.
    People don’t realize how much music from the Caribbean (particularly Jamaica) has influenced mainstream music.

  • Petranilla

    I am so glad you did this!! I haven’t kept up with my culture for a while now so I can come here to see what the youths doing now!!!!!! yess yesYESSSSSSS!!

  • rj

    Trent, I’m requesting Iwers new song early. Although Iwer is trini he has really embraced Grenada’s ‘jab jab’ culture and I think its a great way to show the different facets of soca music. Its not all about “jump, wave and wine”. If its not obvious I am Grenadian and really looking forward to these Caribbean heat posts.