Madonna Mocks Janet Jackson On ‘Leno’


    Madonna has never avoided controversy and the fact that she is now more than four times the age of a thirteen-year old hasn’t stopped her from acting like such a person. During her visit to ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ last evening, the entertainer was asked to describe her upcoming performance at Super Bowl XLVI and made an indirect yet snide remark by saying it will entail “no nipples.”

    For those of you who are suffering from a case of amnesia, Janet Jackson notoriously flashed her breast for less than two seconds at the Super Bowl in 2004 and that is the incident to which Madonna so cleverly referred. Watch Madonna share her thoughts on ‘Leno’ below:

    Clearly, the Photoshop work used on Madonna’s ‘M.D.N.A.’ album to reverse the signs of aging on her face miraculously affected her brain and cause her to regress to a childish state. Yet, this isn’t the first time that she has picked fights with Jackson because their feud has been brewing for over twenty years.

    Watch an interesting 1993 interview below where Jackson commented on Madonna’s music (at 3:45):

    Thankfully, however, Madonna stated that she had previously shown her breasts to the world. I doubt anybody has forgotten her ‘Sex’ porn coffee book from 1992 in which she shared images of sexual encounters with Naomi Campbell, Big Daddy Kane and Vanilla Ice.

    Of course, Madonna showed us a lot more than her nipples in ‘Sex’. I wonder if she remembers how that male model’s backside tastes? Probably not because it was so very long ago.


    • Rosh

      Wow! U went IN trent. Lmao!

    • JAMBunny

      Madonna is too fucking pressed!!! & while she’s at it, she can iron out some of those wrinkles out in her face. That bitch’s skin looks like its made out of spoiled milk.

    • olly_tei

      I don’t rate her comments but this article is a bit too bitter and bitchy for my liking. Witty commentary is great but this looks like something from That Purple Site.

    • Amber

      I don’t know who Madonna thinks she’s fooling by acting like she’s demure and classy now…Janet was right when she said Madonna wasn’t classy. I just wish Janet wouldn’t have gone down the same path of selling sex. I think it would be hilarious if Madonna fell on her old ass at the Superbowl!

    • Ni

      Is this the only way to stay relevant. Its amazing.. how old is Madonna 60+. Come on… That is why Janet is classy. I guess this is the only way she can hype her performance is by using the Jackson name because she definitely pick people who can’t out dance or perform her old 1, 2, 3 steps. I would be jealous too knowing Janet can out sing and dance my a**. It must suck playing 2nd to Janet. She needs to get over it.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Madonna is just dissing everyone these days. She is too old for this.

    • Ms. Boss

      @olly_tei I disagree. Madonna needed to be told about her damn self. And DON’T compare this site to That Shit Stain because Trent wrote without using a dozen gays words like “pressed” etc. Sam’s cunt queen ass could NEVER write like Trent

    • MyCooL

      This bitch will do anything to stay in the headlines. Sad, but true. She is truly a cold hearted CUNT! Why do people still like her?

    • olly_tei

      @Ms. Boss

      “I wonder if she remembers how that male models backside tastes? Probably not because it was so very long ago.” …That is all.

    • Beyfan

      Madonna aint SHIT compared to ma Bey, Bey is the queen of music and this industry and Madonna aint nobody but a dried up old hag, Bey is #1

    • kris

      @olly_tei but…….Madonna did lick a dude ass in the sex book…….she was all up in it…….

    • Bri

      I guess I’m alone in thinking that Madonna wasn’t trying to be malicious. I think she’s just trying to be funny and it’s coming off as catty. I think Paul McCartney made a similar comment the year he did the Superbowl. And every year the media has something to say about a “boobless” halftime show. But given Madonna’s history, I guess people see her as a bitchy hypocrite.

    • It’s obvious that like she always does Madonna is manipulating the media to her best advantage by any means and at the moment that is SHADE. I wouldn’t say Janet or Gaga havn’t instigated since it was Janet that started the “feud” way back so technically SHE instigated it and as for Gaga… she has jacked everything about Madonna and that to me is an instigation and the reason she doesn’t respod is because she will get called the fuck out if she does lol

      I thought the interview was good overall, even though the Queen through some shade it didn’t come across as vindictive to me at all, more tongue in cheek and she was also more fun This was the best interview this era so far IMO.

      And Trent yes Madonna released a sex book but it was adults buying the book, she didn’t get her boob out in front of children (intentionally) and stop making out Janet is some classy Princess, listen to her song “Discipline” and sit the fuck down.

    • Jacob

      LMAO oh please Trent, you probably have rimmed for ages.

    • Ni

      @BoyLuke Chile, Please Madonna is nothing more than a swagger jacker. Her “style” she stole from Jody Wately (I’m looking for a New Love) with dance moves included. She is only queen to (mainstream) because she was able to get away with it because Jodi Wately was known only in the R/B sector. Janet does not have to jack anything she has a style, creative and is a dance phenom. She is a Icon. If Madonna was all that they wouldn’t have waited so long to ask her to perform at the SuperBowl.

    • Gene

      Why is Madonna still on Janet then if her halftime performance will be good then, it will never top Janet and she needs to have several seats with it. No one cares about her, she is overrated and needs all the top 40 performances on her SB performance to keep her ass relevant, smdh.

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    • @NI how do you know they havn’t asked Madonna to perform before? unlike Janet she’s in a position to turn these things down if and when she wants.
      Also while i respect janets tallents you could say she Jacked MJ if you really wanted to so… anyway the fact remains that Madonna is still rellevant and commercially successful, Janet is not.

    • Grace Jones

      According to Jermaine Jackson’s book, he writes:

      “I think Madonna sincerley adored Michael, but the feeling wasn’t mutual and she committed two cardinal sins. The first was that she was hell-bent on loosening him up and getting him to see life through her eyes. The second mistake was when Michael went to dinner with her one night and Madonna had the termerity to criticize Janet. Michael was furious and not surprisingly, they never went on another date.”

      Michael went out with Madonna in 1990.

      The Janet interview posted was in 1993.

      Madonna started it.

    • Ni

      @ThatBoyLuke believe me if Madonna was ask to perform at the Superbowl she would have let it be known because that is the person she is. Everyone would had known because she Loves attention and it would have given her the power to say yes or no. I can agree with you on the Janet using some of Michael’s moves because she admire her brother and she has stated that. Madonna used Jodi moves and styles and never gave credit where credit is do. I like Madonna but to constant bring up old crap is not necessary what is the point unless you are jealous. She was ask to perform all she has to do is perform and show the world.

    • Bri

      Uh…Jody Watley? When did Madonna rip off Jody Watley? If anything, Madonna “stole” from the NYC club scene and it’s debated she took from Cyndi Lauper. But Jody Watley?

    • umm Madonna needs to shut the eff up she will NEVER be like Janet. Janet is the Queen of Pop and actually has talent.

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