Madonna Acknowledges Lady Gaga Similarities On ‘Graham Norton’


    Clearly, Madonna is using the media’s fascination with her supposed feud with Lady Gaga as a clever focal point of her new promotional campaign. The legendary entertainer visited ‘The Graham Norton Show’ on BBC this week where she once discussed the similarities between herself and her biggest fan.

    However, unlike the snide remarks that she made in the preview of her upcoming ’20/20′ interview where she referred to comparisons of herself to Gaga as “reductive”, Madonna actually gave the latter a compliment. In fact, she agreed that they share a similar sense of humour and that Gaga is quite talented as a raw performer.

    Watch Madonna’s appearance on ‘Graham Norton’ where she also mentioned her upcoming ‘M.D.N.A.’ album and her ‘W.E.’ film below:


    • Cliff

      i love madonna !

    • Ariana

      Girl’s playing with the media and she does it well *sips tea*

    • Britt Aye – @Bawssse

      She needs to make up her damn mind… this what she has resorted to?

    • barekitten

      it’s not madonnas art that gaga is copying it’s her way to push boundries and break rules that has been inspired from´╗┐ generation to generation by strong women since before Lady Godiva and will continue long after we are dead. we are all inspired by someone. get over it and let them get on with it.

    • Excellent article, thanks.