LA Reid Signs Chris Rene, Astro & Marcus Canty To Epic


    LA Reid once stated that he is a “man of principle” and that he would always stand by his guys so it was no surprise when he announced that he had signed all three of his ‘The X Factor (US)’ finalists to Epic Records. Indeed, Chris Rene, Marcus Canty and Astro have all been added to the roster of the expanding label’s roster.

    Joining ‘X Factor (US)’ winner Melanie Amaro at Epic are singer/songwriter Rene, Bobby Brown fan Canty and the talented yet egotistical rapper Astro. All of the acts have reportedly started recording material for their debut albums and have expressed excitement about working with Reid.

    Speaking of Amaro, she has been quite busy working on an album that would reflect the various sides of her artistry. At the start of the year, she visited BET’s ‘106 & Park’ and noted that she was eager to hit the studio with her idol, Mariah Carey, to record a duet with the icon.


    All of these acts have the potential to be successful with the right material and marketing but Canty definitely causes some concern. Throughout the season he was compared to Bobby Brown and Usher, and none of the judges listed him among the acts that demonstrated distinct originality.

    Furthermore, there is a strange similarity between Canty and Jason Derulo that is difficult to overlook. If Canty does indeed follow the career path of the latter then his time at Epic would be short unless Reid would be comfortable with steady single sales without any movement on the album charts.

    Photo by The X Factor USA


    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Congrats to them.

    • So, you saying Marcus Canty will be the next Rihanna? …

    • cliff

      i’m not surprised, most of them are gonna get signed !

    • Ni

      I agree with I’m sure La Reid don’t mind making the fast singles buck. It has done wonders for his other acts… 🙂

    • Yeah__right

      I think of all the acts signed from LA Ried…Marcus, Astro and Chris have more distinctive tones. You could put Melanie Amaro aka Jordin Sparks II into a pool of 15 female singers and couldn’t recongnize her voice. She better save her money.

    • Yeah__right…i guess that means he will be the biggest pop star in the world. Give the guy a chance before u condemn him. Damn already!!

    • Ugh

      Hopefully Canty can buy himself some lip chap now. Yeah, lip chap 😐

    • V

      I’m so happy for Chris Rene! 😀

    • sami

      YAY!!!!!!!!!chris ws ma fav 2 win!!!!!!!!nd hez sOoooooooo freakn hott!!!lol!!!nd dis is cmin 4m a black gul iyf!!!bt anyhu gudluck 2 all o em nd I’m gna buy ALL o their CDs!!!!!

    • Ariana

      I knew Chris would get a record deal, he should have won the competition. Melanie is a much better singer -that’s a fact- but this show is called the X-Factor and I’m not quite sure if she actually has it.

      I don’t care about the other two. Bye.

    • MechanicalPenguin

      I love Chris Rene, and I love Astro. Astro gets a bad rap (haha), and I get why…I guess. He was a 15 year old that reacted poorly. I’m just glad no one saw some of the ways I acted when I was 15 when I felt rejected. I’ve got all of his mixtapes now and I really think that he’s gonna be huge! He actually talks about positive messages in his songs, and the song he did on the show “I miss you Hip Hop” is probably the best song, lyrically and such, from a young rapper that I have ever heard. Anyway, Chris Rene is awesome too, he’s not the most talented singer regarding vocal range or anything like that but he has originality and a realness to him….Those are just my opinions basically I am just really happy for Astro & Chris Rene!! Forget Marcus Canty though, he’s factory.