Kelly Rowland To Pay Homage To Mariah Carey At BET Honors


    Mariah Carey has inspired countless artists across the globe with her incredible vocal performances so it was no surprise when she was chosen to be celebrated at the 2012 BET Honors. However, instead of selecting one of the many artists who may have the vocal chops to attempt some of her classic tunes, such as Jordin Sparks, Christina Aguilera or Leona Lewis, BET has opted for someone else – Kelly Rowland.

    Shockingly, Rowland has been selected to sing one of Carey’s hits at the BET Honors ceremony, which will be filmed this weekend. The show, which is set to air on February 13th, will also feature tributes to Stevie Wonder, Maya Angelou and others. There is no word regarding if another more capable live performer will join Rowland onstage as it it customary for two acts to sing for each honoree.


    What in the name of Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige is happening in that BET building?! Yes, Carey herself may have chosen Rowland but couldn’t somebody on her team or at BET warn her that Rowland could barely sing ‘Motivation’ live so handling even the simplest Carey song would obviously be too much?

    Let us all hope and pray that Rowland decides to lip-sync this tribute to Carey similar to most of her other performances. If not, then BET and some of Carey’s dedicated fans are going to have a very serious problem.


    • o_o

      Someone seems bothered… you’ll deal.

    • ny

      At least it’s not Rihanna Trent!

    • Me


    • TheMan4u

      the majority of mariah’s songs are simple vocals, she only has a few power ballads

    • This post was written in anger and rightfully so.

      I love Kelly Rowland, don’t get me wrong, but she just can’t handle a Mariah Carey song! I hope they pick a good song for her to perform!

    • Jacob

      Trent, clearly you’re on your period. Kelly’s gonna do great. Mariah was a big fan of Stole, so she respects her. I hope Kelly performs Vanishing 🙂

    • whatever

      lol @ ny says…Trent I bet you will be pleasantly surprised…lol

    • Joss

      Kelly is great vocalist! And btw why Xtina should pay tribute to Mariah :S you shi*ted so many times over Xtina, and now you wanna Xtina to pay her tribute… Xtina never would do that!

    • DB

      What in the name of Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige is happening in that BET building?!


    • Kendall

      I think Kelly will surprise you & do a decent job BUT is she the ONLY performer?? Leona Lewis isn’t busy!! Ledisi would do a great job too & I was sure that Marsha A. would be apart also. Hmm.. This shall be interesting.

    • ha

      I can’t believe this lol

    • I’ve always seen Kelly shine singing higher notes. It’s that lower register I can’t deal with. Either way, may Jesus be one of those T-Pain autotune mics in our time of need.

    • Britt Aye – @Bawssse

      Trent, you know I love you but Mariah has had an impact on ALL female r&b and pop artists. Why should Bet only pick from the handful of “great vocalist ” when she had all people singing along with her……..example Rihanna……*_* ……………it could’ve been a lot worse and we both know this. if anything this will show how supreme your Highness’ vocals are. I think all people who have been “inspired”(#nobeyonce) by her should be able to show tribute not just the people with Amazing, big vocalists.

    • Ugh

      This should be interesting. Kelly Rowland though. ok

    • YououghttobeoutofyourmothafuckingMIND

      Are y’all deaf??? Kelly is a studio artist…When she sings live it sounds as if she running from a stray dog…lets stop the delusion please!!!

    • MaggyWho

      Once again, another post dedicated to Mariah Carey. This site is just a biased piece of trash.

    • jazz

      Why are you throwing a bitch fit when it clearly said Mariah HAND PICKED Kelly? Hell its her tribute and if thats who she wants to entertain her then so be it.

    • Ariana

      I don’t care about Kelly Rowland at all but we all know they like each other so I’m not surprised at all.
      I don’t hate the idea. Rowland may not have an outstanding vocal range but she could give us a pleasant surprise. Touch my body or Obsessed aren’t that difficult so why not? Kelly better pay homage!! 😀

    • Maverick

      LOL @ someone saying mariah songs are simple vocals.
      Bitches need to learn a thing or two about song structure and intervals. I hate ignorance

    • You know the fuck what….

      Trent, I just can not with you tonight ROFL, you are too much!

    • sean

      touch my body and obsessed are easy and simple songs. sing the nursery rhymes and tack on the canned whistle backtrack like she does at the end.

      case closed. Funny cause I know whitney’s i didn’t know my own strenght and i look to you are more difficult than those 2 songs despite trent throwing his usual whitney shade, lol. Glad someone else saw the truth.

    • kylieisGOD

      ugh are you serious? that basic bitch is a snore fest! sumbody tell is this is a joke

    • Girrrl

      I really hope Kelly knows what she’s doing. But given her pitchy.out of breath performances this is gonna be a disaster. Mariah deserves better than the backup singer.

    • sean

      kelly is not a good live singer but she may surprise. if all fails, pattie labelle will probably be the other singer to tribute mariah.

    • NEW SONG:

      Taken from Ultra’s upcoming album – may appear on Michelle’s fourth album.

      #21 on US Dance. Music video was shot in NY a few weeks ago!

    • TheMan4u

      its not like you need a jennifer hudson to sing
      vision of love
      make it happen
      we belong together
      shake it off, or about 85% of the rest of her biggest hits

    • Gettingmoney

      Ewwwwwwwww no! Kelly can’t sing live!

    • KingAquarius

      What the hell? That is absolutely ridiculous. Why do they keep getting “little shot” singers to do tributes to the “big shots”???

    • She is so damn basic lol. Zero voice and not even a brilliant technique. Can’t wait for her to embarrass herself 🙂

    • theman

      Mariah is the greatest female technical singer. Kelly is good, but even the simple Mariah songs carry some range, “Obsessed” has alot more range than Whitney last two songs that were mentioned.

    • “What in the name of Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige is happening in that BET building?!”

      I AM DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cindy

      LOOOOL “What in the name of Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige is happening in that BET building?!” Nah but for real what is goin on? I was hoping i misread Kelly Rowland for Kelly Price!!!! I am not here for Kelly’s breathless half arsed performances especially not when it comes to the Queen. Laard they better have someone better lined up, sorry nothin against Kelly or anything but NO!

    • sean

      obsessed is a freakin mess that a 12 yr old could write and whitney’s i look to you is sung with so much pain and pathos that mariah fails to deliver in any of the songs on MOAIA so let’s not right there
      I believe every word whitney was singing, that’s her gift, interpreter au day!

    • Bee

      TheMan4u says:
      “the majority of mariah’s songs are simple vocals, she only has a few power ballads”

      I’ve scheduled a brain MRI scan for you tomorrow morning. Ensure that you attend the appointment as this seems quite serious.

      Seriously though, that’s very VERY ignorant. I hope you were being sarcastic.

      Regarding Kelly Rowland… I think there are very few songs she’ll be able to manage. I like her but for a Mariah tribute?
      Thinking of other people trying to sing Mariah’s songs really puts everything into perspective though. Wow. There is truly only one Mariah.

    • alysua

      well if kelly lip sync she will definitely be paying homage of the Mariah we have performing today. Kelly would do great

    • Ben

      Mariah hand picked Kelly so she could get a ki for the night… she wants to be entertained. LOL

    • latifa

      hmmm guess she could handle something simple like make it happen, the roof, migrate, heartbreaker.. anything that wont blow her weave off like emotions i guess

    • Theman

      I love when folks make it seem like songs like obsessed and the like require so much vocal training, get out of here. Singers don’t sing Mariah at talent shows because most of her songs DON’T showcase powerful vocals, now u want to turn vision of love in a power ballad, smh

    • DRB

      Switching notes and registers every syllable and finding time to breathe is difficult. Let’s not act like Obsessed is her whole discography.

    • MCLamb

      “Mariah hand picked Kelly so she could get a ki for the night… she wants to be entertained. LOL”
      omg lol xD that is so mean… MDJ says she’s gonna sing a signature/classic Mariah song (so it has to be one of Mariah’s most popular songs that most everyone recognizes Mariah for.) Mariah’s TOP 8 most POPULAR/SIGNATURE songs are:
      1. Vision of Love (I don’t think Kelly has a chance with this)
      2. All I Want For Christmas Is You (well, Christmas was last year)
      3. Hero (ugh…it better not be this bc ive had it with these artists butchering this particular song)
      4. Without You (umm…most definitely not)
      5. We Belong Together (not a chance)
      6. Fantasy (umm…dunno about this)
      7. Anytime You Need A Friend (Leona will most definitely tackle this one, and I pray to God she’ll do this song justice if she pays tribute to Mariah along with Kelly)
      8. Honey – probably not appropriate for this event

    • MCLamb

      9. Butterfly
      10. Emotions/Always Be My Baby

    • Ariana

      “Oh yes, Mariah’s songs aren’t that hard to sing therefore aspiring singers avoid them” **rolls eyes**
      LOL, some people are just…. funny.

    • T

      Kelly should be able pull off a Mariah song. All she has to do is make the song hers and make sure its in a key that fits her voice. kelly is really good at ballads. if she tries to imitate Mariah (which alot of people do) it’s going to be a bad.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Even people who don’t consider themselves Lambs know that Mariah’s catalogue is extensive and goes beyond Obsessed, Touch My Body, and songs of that particular nature. Mariah is a legend and has more albums than just Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, E=mc2 and Emancipation of Mimi. Youtube is a gift for those that don’t know that.

      Mariah’s personality is totally shining through with this choice. Mariah has always been out of the box in life but this is the ultimate. I like Kelly and all but she’s not who I was expecting so I’m slightly disappointed. I could deal with Kelly doing it only if there’s other people in the tribute also. I hope that she has it together enough to give a great performance because lately, she has not.

    • SparkD

      This is perfect! Now Kelly can sing a ballad, and this is her best territory. She’s terrible as slow jams on stage, but when she’s given songs like this, she’s slay! Go Kelly! Go Mimi!

    • Cliff

      kelly can sing, she can hit those high notes, not as high but higher then bey. i think she’ll do good, lets hope. lol

    • Dai1987 please see attacthed, thankyouandgoodnight

    • Uh Huh

      The only thing Kelly can handle is the humming on “Love Takes Time”…nothing more nothing less

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    • gio88

      are you joking? Kelly has VOICE and talent , she was a DESTINY’S CHILD and surely deseve to be there 10000 times more than jordin sparks and leona lewis! O_O

    • gio88

      and then a i don’t understand what kelly performance have you seen , because kelly almost never use lypsyinc , mybe sometime but she must also DANCE in her performance!!

    • Tahj M.

      Maybe the countless inspired younger artists i keep hearing about have all turned down the offer to pay homage…

    • Tim

      Mariah is a Goddess. Why the actual fuck would they choose Kelly Rowland? Why? She is going to fuck it up. Please, Get Christina and Leona. They not doing shit, but recording. They would be pleased to do it.

    • harray28

      O.o welp. At least it’s not Rihanna.. Maybe she’ll be able to pull off Hero.

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    • SparkD

      Raise the bar high! Give her Vision of Love!

    • Juewelz03

      I pray that BET does not shade Mariah like MTV did Britney. Mariah is a SINGER and not everyone can do Mariah. I know Kelly can sing but can she sing Mariah.. we will see

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    • sipmylipton

      I applaud Mariah for not choosing expected choices like XTina or Jordin Sparks. & it’s not “Sing Just Like Mariah” show. Damn just let Kelly be & see how it turns out instead of expectin it to be a mess. She can change the key to.a fitting octave. Luther did when he honored Whitney. & Mariah has tons of songs any artist can do. She requested her so whether we like it or not its done. So either watch it or dont. U just might be surprised.

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    • SparkD

      Will there be more people scheduled to pay tribute to Mariah?

    • ALIM


    • ALIM


    • sparkd

      So how did Kelly do?

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    • MyCooL

      Can’t wait to see her perform Fantasy 😀