Hot Pics: Christina Aguilera & Her Son Visit The Barn


    Christina Aguilera celebrated the arrival of 2012 in the best way possible – with her son Max. The duo were photographed at The Barn restaurant and Max happily smiled for the paparazzi who were eager to get a shot of the family.

    2012 is going to be a very busy year for Aguilera. In addition to her stint on the second season of ‘The Voice‘, which starts on February 5th, she will also debut her new single, ‘Love Your Body’, within the coming weeks.

    See more images of Aguilera and her son below:

    What do you think of the pics?

    • Agent_Mariah

      They were visiting a barn? How appropriate. tehehehe

    • Ugh

      i almost forgot she had a son. She needs to lose some weight, fat does not look good on her.

    • Well Damn!

      LOL @ the first comment.

    • a fucking mess. are her people not letting her know what the deal is? get it together christina, even britney has.

    • No1 – She is on DOWNTIME she can dress like shit if she wants too, I’m sure when the single drops she’ll get her image together whether she loses weight or not…
      Anyway why is it so bad for Xtina to be heavy but MARVELOUS for Adele? (No shade to Adele)

      2 – Max is cute 🙂

      3 – I got a feeling this song is gonna do well, there are so many people with image related problems these days, a song with a positive message is a good thing 🙂

    • Bee

      ThatBoyLuke says: “Anyway why is it so bad for Xtina to be heavy but MARVELOUS for Adele? (No shade to Adele)”

      1) Adele knows how to dress to fit her body. She dresses appropriately for her size. (Most times) Christina does not. She wears very unflattering clothes.
      2) Some people are just built a certain way and “fat” does not suit Christina very much, imo. Some people look good/better with a bit more weight (not necessarily ‘fat’ though; see: Jennifer Hudson after the 1st time she lost weight, not the second), while others – not so much. [Side note: I’m not saying Christina should be super skinny or anything!]

    • X

      Agent_Mariah yass she went to visit Mooriah Cowrey and her two calves

    • X

      She looks cute tbh. She never looks a mess DURING an era. Let’s be honest here. Those boots are fierce. Max sure does love the cameras!

    • I love your blog! Thanks for this post!