Christina Aguilera Promises “Raw” Sound On New Album


    Christina Aguilera’s musical comeback had a bit of a false start at the end of 2011 when the title of her new single, ‘Love Your Body’, was revealed by radio stations but then mysteriously removed from various listings. However, the reason for the schedule change may have something to do with the fact that she is still in the early stages of planning her next album.

    Speaking to NBC during a new promotional spot for ‘The Voice’, which will premiere on February 5th, Aguilera revealed that she is planning an “introspective” and “raw” sound for her new album yet she is still writing material for the record. There is no official word regarding when the LP will arrive in stores.

    See what Aguilera had to say about her new project below:

    Aguilera has been singing this same tune about this album since early last year so hopefully she delivers. Still, by the grace of a vocal coach, I hope the message of the music is raw and not her singing because voice is far too good for her to continue to abuse it in the manner that she has been doing in the last few years. Her performance of ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ at the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade was phenomenal, though!


    • Ariana

      Girl… where’s the Marie Claire stylist? That look…. No, no.

      On the other hand, seems she’s really going to give to her fans what they have been asking her to do: an album alà Stripped, which I have to agree is the smartest move.


      @Ariana I agree on both counts. I love Xtina, lord knows I do but that make up…. her make up artist needs to be fired! I hope the album is put together and promoted well. NO MORE SEX SONGS EITHER!

    • This album is gonna be amazing 😀 And her vocal coach seems to be working, lately her voice has been sounding amazing(er) but yeah… she needs a new stylist, that Marie Claire shoot was amazing, the make-up and outfits were flattering to her.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I’m really rooting for Xtina. I’m praying that the album is excellent. I hope that she’s not BSing us. She is a great writer and I think that she needs to showcase that along with revamped vocals.

    • WonderLand19

      I think this album will be everything and more. she looks happy too.

    • Joss

      can’t wait for new era to start…

    • Cliff

      i’m excited for the new album !! her last one was amazing !

    • I don’t think “Bionic” was amazing, it was “good” as a whole… it had amazing moments though and if the number of tracks had been cut down a bit it would have been better.

    • *V3R*


    • theman

      She reminds you of the “Stripped” era here, Christina’s beautiful. She doesn’t need much. The more natural she is the better. She also has a nice speaking voice.

    • theman

      Her last performance was amazing to.

    • I can’t wait to hear it