Burning Up: Luke James


    Last week’s Burning Up featured songbird Emeli Sande but now we have a powerhouse vocalist to represent the men! Luke James has yet to release his debut album but thanks to his incredible range and skill, he has already been heralded as one of the artists who will revive male R&B music.

    James has written numerous hits for acts across the industry, such as Chris Brown’s ‘Crawl’ and Justin Bieber’s ‘That Should Be Me’. However, he has finally stepped into the spotlight with his own single, ‘I Want You’, from his ‘#Luke’ EP.

    Watch the video for ‘I Want You’ below and get acquainted with James astounding voice:

    Hearing a male R&B artist who could actually sing is so refreshing! James obviously studied his craft and developed his talent rather than just depending on his looks or the T-Pain auto-tune app on iTunes like most of his peers.

    For the R&B genre to experience a revival on the charts, it is important for the industry to generate acts who have an understanding of the roots of the field. James certainly knows that and the following description of his musical journey demonstrates that:

    Download James’ ‘#Luke’ EP here!


    • WonderLand19

      YEAHHHHHHHH!!! Love Luke, he is so talented and his voice is AMAZING! His EP is proper sick! I love ‘Hurt me’

    • Britt Aye – @Bawssse

      One of my followers from London was telling me about him but I was too busy talking about Emeli to even check him out. Wow!!! I really like this! R&B/Soul music needs to knock all this dance shit off the top of the charts. I’m so over it. Thanks Trent

    • Bee

      “Hearing a male R&B artist who could actually sing is so refreshing!”

      THIS! So tired of hearing basic R&B singers like Trey Songz who unfortunately ended up representing R&B in mainstream music over the past few years.

      Another thing that’s missing – a good male group (or even a female group for that matter).

    • Cliff

      when i first heard i want you, i was blown away. can’t wait for his album !

    • SparkD

      That guy can saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!

    • It’s not only the fact that he can sing, write, and is handsome, but his music actually sounds fresher and darker than “basic R&B”. You can immediately distinguish his sound from other artists.

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    • Ben

      I am on the lookout for this guy… his performance at the BET Honors was AMAZING. Can’t wait to hear music and get his album.

    • @iamericandao

      Ah! Thank GOD people see this pure talent! I love him also, NEW FAN!!

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