Burning Up: Iggy Azalea


    Luke James serenaded us with his vocal stylings in last week’s Burning Up feature but now The Lava Lizard will introduce you to his extreme opposite. Iggy Azalea has roared into the music scene as the latest addition to the female Hip-Hop movement and judging by the buzz across the industry, she is primed to go further than many of her peers.

    The 21-year old Azalea was born in Australia and perfected her rap skills by listening to the material of Tupac, Kanye West and Andre 3000. Following the release of her ‘Ignorant Art’ mixtape in September 2011, she captured the attention of music executives at Island Def Jam but she eventually signed with Interscope Records, thus joining the ranks of Eminem and Lady Gaga at the label.

    However, don’t expect Azalea to follow the Hip-Pop antics of Nicki Minaj. Rather, she drops rhymes similar to a young Foxy Brown or Eve as her focus remains on lyrics instead of wacky voices and cartoonish antics.

    Watch Azalea’s video for ‘The Last Song’ below:

    Azalea is the type of female rapper that industry needs at this point. She is remarkably talented and regardless of her obvious sex appeal, her lyrics are the main focus of her artistry. At least, for now, we won’t have to worry about her donning a pink wig, making random noises on a track and calling it “rap.”

    Bonus: listen to Azalea’s raunchy ‘Pu$$y’ from ‘Ignorant Art’ below:


    • Trav

      I like Iggy also. I just think that if she sticks with how her current material is, she won’t do well in our current state of music. With Nicki being the main female rapper at the moment, the general public will more than likely expect all new comers to be somewhat just like her in terms of music style. I guess we’ll officially see how the general public likes her when she release her album this June.

    • Britt Aye

      I love her!!

    • Jordan

      I like Iggy. But i don’t understand why you had to shade Nicki throughout this whole post. Iggy has her own personal style of rapping and so does Nicki. Animated voices does not change the fact that she is still rapping. I personally support both girls. I love female rappers.

    • pat

      Bye Nicki Minaj! She’ll be big and I’m glad she not trying to copy Nicki’s bipolar disorder persona or weird antics.

    • olly_tei

      She seems interesting. I can’t see her making it big with what i’ve heard so far, i think Azelia Banks will surpass her. But both have to be careful that their debut albums aren’t just songs about “pussy”, cos these tracks and 212 both fall into that category.

      It’ll refreshing for a female rapper to arise who doesn’t feel the need to assume the stereotypical dominatrix or bi-curious role. Its great they feel free enough to talk about sex so casually, but it comes across as gimmicky.

    • yaaa

      Female rappers these days are so cliche and just wack

    • Whoopsie

      Missy was just as animated as Nicki but everyone considered it rap. What’s the difference?

    • Ci’Yonce

      Yessss!!!! I fucking love her. Trent why the Nicki shade though? Every rapper has his or her own unique style. No need to bash her but it’s your opinion. *shrugs*

    • Ci’Yonce


      Exactly like Missy did her thing just like Nicki is.

    • SunshineHaze

      I love Iggy.
      Didnt have to shade Nicki
      And if she was black, she would still be struggling like Lola monroe, and Diamond.

    • James and the giant peach

      The Nicki shade<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • OnlyMiklo

      Trent I am sooo glad that you are featuring Iggy on the site. She most definitely is what the female rap game needs with Lil Kim on indefinite lyrical hiatus and we are still waiting on those Pay Pal receipts….. to Nicki Minaj Grunting and Farting on the mic she keeps stored in her closet that doubles as a dildo. Iggy truly has brought in a rap style that we have been lacking since since Kim and Foxys initial rise and bringing rhymas and flavor like Queen La and Roxanne Shante. I cant stop listening to Ignorant Art because its really really good. I hope her first album is just as great. She can do the sexually driven and straight rhymes. Im wishing the best for her career.

    • !

      PUSSY is good but that other track “The Last Song” nah she can keep that.

    • andrew

      was it necessary to say something negative about Nicki? smh. anyway i love both of them

    • Lia

      Yessssssssss I love Iggy!!!!!

    • sam

      Am I the only one who thinks she sounds like Kesha?

    • staymadho

      Trent, you should stick to focusing on singers. When it comes to rap, your clueless. Her rhymes are horribly weak and she lacks originality.

      Not a Nicki stan, but she would eat Iggy alive. Just saying.

    • I love your blog! Thanks for this post!

    • Eat Me

      I love it when a white girl is essentially doing the same exact thing as most black female rappers have been doing for almost 2 decades; and suddenly is appears more fresh and original to people. How pathetic. Then when you bash her people say you are just hating; which the most idiotic excuse in the book. So sad that this is what rap/hip hop has been reduced to. At least try to sound somewhat unique. She just tries too hard to sound like a gangsta white girl rapper from the southern United States. She is joke and people need to wake the fuck up. Then again Nicki Minaj is just as big of a joke as well.

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