Watch: ‘The X Factor (US)’ (Season 1 / Episode 22)


    The 22nd episode of ‘The X Factor (US)’ aired yesterday! In this live installment of the series, another contestant was sent home by judges Simon CowellLA ReidPaula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

    Watch the full episode, which also included a performance by Lenny Kravitz, below:

    Why exactly was Nicole indecisive about saving Rachel? That was not a difficult choice! Last night was Marcus’ third round in the bottom two, his performance was horrendous and he was the weakest remaining contestant in the show so the decision to send him home should have been easy for Nicole to make if she had even an ounce of activity between her ears.

    Regardless, Rachel will undoubtedly be signed by any label eager to match the success of Justin Bieber and corner the Disney market, which has a void to be filled since Raven-Symone outgrew her fanbase. Meanwhile, Nicole’s ‘Here Name is Nicole’ ‘Killer Love’ album has been delayed for the 6296249763475356th time and she still can’t score a hit in the US. Indeed, Rachel will probably outsell Nicole after the release of her first single.

    If you missed Episode 21 then click here to watch!


    • WonderLand19

      ARHH trent that gif is EVERYTHING!

      America, this girl is toooo young for fame. There should be a age limit of 16 and over. Nicole didnt do anything wrong. Steve Jones is was pretty unfair by going to Nicole and asking her what she thought when she was obs upset.he is the worst presenter EVEr. He has no comparson. America voted Rachel off so they should get the blame.
      I have been in tears with laughter watching that elimination. The rachel was crying like her cabbage patch doll was burnt right infront of her lol. ‘You promise Mummy, You PRomise Mummy!ARHHAHA, soo funny! AND Nicole crying was Funny.
      I need a GIF for both Trent!

      America need serious perspective. If this can make you cry then you have no sense of reality.

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    • Bee

      Yes, Nicole did something wrong. She made a very careless decision by probably assuming Marcus would have the lowest votes and would be sent off anyway, therefore, putting it in an unnecessary deadlock. Rachel was clearly the better contestant. Nicole made this into something personal rather than maintain professionalism. I do not care if “America voted Rachel off”. Nicole allowed that to happen by her fake-ass being too weak to send Marcus (who has been in the bottom multiple times) home.
      The whole situation was just irritating along with Nicole’s antics and crocodile tears.

      Enough of that now though, in other news…

    • *DEAD* at that GIF!!!

    • Aye Britt

      Honestly NO. Rachel was in the bottom 2. Nicole figures if she let it go to deadlock she wouldn’t be responsible for anyone going home and she wasn’t. It all came down to votes and to be fair Rachel had the worst performances out her her and Marcus on Wednesday. BUT she did have the best save me song performance. I think Nicole is to attached and emotional 2 be a judge. Sometimes u have to just seperatw that ish like Paula did. I will say that its ok to tweet her how much u hate/dislike her decision but the death threats was ridiculous. At the end of the day this is a competition/reality show (yea I said it) and this is what the producers want….DRAMA!! Think they didn’t love Castro’s meltdown??!! Nicole is annoying as a judge but I wont blame her…and now u have people saying they’re not voting 4 Josh because of her…I find that ridiculous! Why mess up his dreams because Nicole made an unpopular decision? Josh and Melanie deserve to be the last 2 standing….Chris Rene should’ve went home. If anything people should blame Chris Rene’s fans for Rachel going home. She and Marcus are waaaaaay more talented than he is.

    • DW

      AGREE’S X’s100 With Bee

    • Black Santa

      I agree with Wonderland19 its not Nicole’s fault that America didn’t vote for her. She should have gone as she received the least amount of votes.

    • Aye Britt


    • Aye Britt

      oh and I meant *Astro. (Auto-correct)

    • MuzikJunkie!

      I just don’t understand how people blame Nicole for this. Clearly she was torn, so she decided to let America choose, it’s not her fault that yall didn’t vote for Rachel. But Rachel will go on and become a star!

    • Bri

      It’s ok if she was torn about the performances. But she wasn’t. She was afraid of hurting someone’s feelings, which is a cowardice thing to do. She is paid to judge and to find someone who deserves to win. Not to be some den mother. If she cares so much about people’s feelings, why the hell did she sign on to do this shit? She knew it was going to be a tough job. I wish they get rid of her and that robot of a host they have.

    • Jerrica

      AMERICA voted Rachel off, so lay off of Nicole’s clit! I think the whole competition should be up to America anyway because that favoritism shit from the judges is not fair to anyone, whoever has the lowest votes should go home point-blank-period!

    • jewerly girl

      Rachel crow even had me crying when she fell t the floor.
      I think Rachel was in total shock mod that is why she
      acted the way she did. It is obvious that Rachel
      is not prepared to handle the ups and downs
      of the music industry.

    • evilcujo

      Rachel was way better than Marcus and can’t he take the hint that he isn’t wanted there, his been one of the last two 3 times now i mean come on!!!!!!!!!!!!

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