Russell Brand Divorces Katy Perry


    Katy Perry spent her Christmas vacation on the beaches of Hawaii and the notable absence of her husband, comedian Russell Brand, sparked speculation among the tabloids that the duo had split. Unfortunately, there was indeed truth to the claims as the couple have announced their divorce.

    Surprisingly, it was Brand who filed for divorce from Perry, despite proclaiming that he “adores” her and that they will always “remain friends.” Of course, his points did not prevent him from noting in the legal documents that their split was caused by¬†“irreconcilable differences.”

    Ironically, Perry’s latest single is entitled ‘The One That Got Away’. The song is currently positioned at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is on track to become her record-breaking 6th #1 single from her ‘Teenage Dream’ album


    • Tim

      Its that he’s gay or she cant have Kids.

    • Ariana

      Is anyone surprised?
      SMH at these so called “Hollywood” marriages.

    • brittyanya

      as expected….

    • T

      This didn’t seem like it would last from the start. But Katy, this is the PERFECT promotion for The One That Got Away.

      P-E-R-F-E-C-T I tell you.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      The timing of this divorce…….

      Honestly, I’m more surprised that they lasted this long than the fact that they’re getting a divorce.

    • Ugh

      I’m just surprised that it\s Russell who filed for divorce.

      Now about this motherfucking song. How the hell is it at #3 where the fuck is the hype surrounding this girl. Where is it???????? someone please point me in the right direction because i just dont get it.

    • Amber

      The song is at number 3 because it’s being sold at half price and has a remix added in. I don’t see it going up. It will be blocked by lmfao and Adele. Maybe i’m mean, but i’m happy for Russell for dropping that dead weight…

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      @Ugh, the reason that it’s sitting at #3 is because it’s cheap for one. Secondly, because the lyrics and melody of the remix is similar (meaning no drastic changes: B.O.B’s rap is not considered a drastic change) to the original, Billboard combines the sales and airplay of the remix to the original, allowing the song to place higher than it would normally. I believe it’s a new rule and Katy and her label are using it to their advantage.

    • Trent, where are your 2012 predictions?????

    • Cliff

      tell me this is js promo for the new single b/c they are doing a great job !

    • Nadia

      It’s not fair she’s breaking MJ’s record with her “bad” songs lol. Rusell is a cutie btw, but I think he needs a British alternative girl lol.

    • Ugh

      it’s not even about her breaking MJ’s record it’s about how she’s going about doing it. There is truly no one like MJ, the proof is in the pudding…smh

    • The fact that people are sitting here down talking someone whom is going through a divorce & don’t even know the facts is just so rude

    • X

      Katy Perry is Michael Jackson’s female successor, mad?

    • Ugh

      @ X
      ahahhahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………….that comment should go down as the funniest and dumbiest comment of 2011.

    • Amber

      @x I hope you’re about 12 years old. If not, I’m worried about your mental health.

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