New Video: Willow Smith – ‘Fireball (Ft. Nicki Minaj)’


    We showed you the preview of Willow Smith’s ‘Fireball’ video and now the full production has premiered. Directed by Hype Williams, the visual includes an appearance by Smith’s colourful collaborator, Nicki Minaj.

    ‘Fireball’ will appear on Smith’s debut album, ‘Knees & Elbows’, which will arrive in stores on April 3rd 2012. Watch the song’s accompanying video below:

    How is it that Smith is able to deliver slick dance routines and boundless energy in her videos yet her idol, Rihanna, has yet to do more than twirl around while taking glamour shots? Really, this was a solid production and Smith definitely raised the heat with her undeniable swagger. Hopefully, her team will push this record at radio because the song has yet to make an impact on the charts.

    Thanks Rap-Up!

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    • Breezytodeath

      Nicki missed the song up for me, I mean Willow could have held the song down by herself

    • Guess What

      Nicki always has her mouth open. Oh yeah I just remembered that’s how she got signed to YMCMB. She’s a gimmick & she will be 29 tomorrow. Damn shame.

    • politicallyincorrect

      you can shade Rihanna all you want, this song is a flop

    • hi

      Sorry willow, i just can’t listen to anything with nicki minaj in it. Her music will never overshadow that try-hard gimmick, she just isn’t good enough

    • Ugh

      um, she mentioned herself having idols but Rihanna was never one of them. good luck willow

    • Cliff

      it’s a good song but they should have waited till she was older and nicki messed it all up.

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    • @Che_Petrillo

      smh Nicki ruined the song AND video. She looks and sounds out of place. I’m pretty sure there was a younger rapper who would have been a better match or just let her do the song herself. I guess they don’t have much faith in her (Willow) since they’re trying to get the Barbs and Kens on board to help sell this single.

    • WonderLand19

      I didnt like it. There was no concept to the video and that bought the song downnnnnnn for me. She just murdered her own song for me. Plus, she looks like Bambi now which i dont like. She needs a new stylist.

    • Willow definitely has potential.

      I would like to see her work with people close to her age like Snoop Dogg’s daughter or Cymphonique (Master P’s daugther).