Mariah Carey & Justin Bieber To Perform On ‘X Factor (US)’


    It has been months since Simon Cowell confirmed reports that Mariah Carey would be functioning in a major guest role on ‘The X Factor (US)’. Now, with the season a mere six episodes away from completion, the nature of the diva’s appearance on the show has been revealed – she will be performing with Justin Bieber.

    Roger Friedman broke the news earlier today that Carey is scheduled to sing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ alongside Bieber on ‘X Factor (US)’ on December 15th. However, further details about her involvement in the show – such as locking guest spot on the judging panel or if she will be mentoring the contestants – have yet to be explained.


    Hopefully, Carey will land a judging or mentorship role on ‘X Factor (US)’ that evening instead of just performing with Bieber. Really, Cowell had been hyping her role on the show since early this year and it would be a complete disappointment if she only spent five minutes onstage.

    In fact, this would be a prime opportunity for Carey to debut the lead single from her next project. If not, then she should at least share some time with the contestants, especially Melanie Amaro, who is undoubtedly heavily influenced by her work. Image if Carey and Amaro did a duet during that episode or in the finale of the show…


    • DRB

      Melanie is a snooze feat. Simon wants to act like he’s the HBIC but he should’ve kept Caitlyn, Jazzlyn, and Torah from the get.

    • baba

      Wow, i cant believe MC stooped soo low to duet with bieber. Shame

    • Ariana

      That would be truly interesting Trent. I really don’t care about this so called duet with Bieber but if she mentors or sing a song with Melanie that would be another different story. Melanie has been asking her followers on Twitter to vote for Hero as fan request for the next show. There are much better options than Hero though.

    • Courtney

      Uh no it’s not a shame it’s a way to expose her to a younger generation that actually stil buys albums and downloads singles so it’s a win/win situation. Mariah last performance was at Christmas in Washington last year and not long after that due to complications carrying roc n roe she was confined to bed rest until they were born 5 weeks early on her and Nick’s anniversary last April. thankfully them and her are healthy and happy now it almost didn’t end that way

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    • MyCooL

      I’m only here for the #QueenOfChristmas !!!
      p.s… this isn’t the first time for her to work with one of the worlds hottest artits. People always wanna throw shade!

    • Theman

      Justin can stay away from this performance lol.

    • Shea Butter

      Hunnnty, I do not like the Bieber in any form or fashion!! The child’s vocals are dry, emotionless and his melismas are scattered and generally off key (specially with this voice change he is going through). I’m not into the duet with Mariah, I’d personally prefer Mariah to sing this festive favorite solo!! But I also understand the music world in terms of marketing and sales!! I mean come on!!! The video for the song was released about a week ago and all ready has millions upon millions of views already.

      This would have not been my first choice for Mariah’s promo wagon that is obviously gearing up, but truthfully it makes all the sense in the world when it comes to numbers.

    • *V3R*

      Hehe, luv the mimi dance gif.

    • therightstuff

      I’d say she’s melanie amporo more heavily influenced by Whitney Houston afterall she sang I have nothing and run to you rather than mariah songs lol hoot!

    • Ariana

      Well, those were Simon’s choices but she was the one asking to her followers to vote for Hero. Girl wants to sing Mariah’s so let her be! lol

    • Rihannastan

      It’s easier to sing Mariah than Whitney. Whitney’s voice just truly unmatched. Anyone could do Mariah

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