Kelly Rowland Addresses Album Flop In JET


    Kelly Rowland’s ‘Here I Am’ album has been a commercial disaster across the board and has yet to sell pass the 200K sales mark in the US since being released in July. However, either as a result of extreme optimism or stubborn denial, the singer has expressed to JET magazine that she considers the record to be a success.

    Clearly proud of the lone Grammy Award nomination that she received for her Urban hit ‘Motivation (Ft. Lil Wayne)’, Rowland rejected any idea that her ‘Here I Am’ project was a flop. When asked about the sales of ‘Here I Am’ and what she hopes to achieve with its followup, Rowland shared the following statement:

    “I was very happy with the album, period. It was a long time coming and I’m proud that Motivation was nominated for a Grammy; it’s been a really great year,” she says after a brief pause. Her tone holds a mixture of slight annoyance, understandable frustration and reasonable divatude.

    “I can do whatever I want,” she declares. “I don’t allow anyone to put me in a box. Honestly, if I want to try something, that’s what I’m going to do.”

    As the year wraps up, Rowland has one New Year’s resolution. “I want an album in the Top 5,” she shares. She’s scheming, plotting and gunning for No. 1.

    As is the case with addicts – clearly Rowland is hooked on sleeping because these delusions and dreams could only have occurred during a state of unconsciousness or at least I would hope that was the case – the first step in involved in resolving a problem is admitting that one exists. ‘Here I Am’ bombed; it was grossly mishandled and failed to have a major impact in any part of the world.

    Regardless of the fact that ‘Motivation’ was the second most successful R&B song of the year, the ‘Here I Am’ album failed to perform in a similar manner. How could any artist in her right mind consider a record that sold less than 200K copies in her native country and less than 20K in the her most successful territory – in Rowland’s case, it’s the UK – to have done well?  One Grammy nomination does not erase these dismal sales figures of ‘Here I Am’, despite the fact the numbers are so small that they might be easy for some to overlook.

    Yet, Rowland seems to be focused on making her next album hit. Perhaps the radio exposure that she received on radio this year from ‘Motivation’ and ‘Lay it on Me (Ft. Big Sean)’ will allow her to make a bigger impact in 2012. Also, if the mounting speculation that she will join ‘The X Factor (US)’ proves to be accurate, then there might be hope for her after all.

    See more images from her JET photoshoot below:

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    • ny

      She is deep in denial, on the Graham Norton show she was saying that she’s as big as she is in the Uk in the US. Really Kelendria? Really?


      The album flopped that’s a fact. They took too long to drop the 2nd single and her promo in the US did not coincide with motivation peaking.

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    • Wayno

      Kelly in your wordz on Motivation…Whatever!!!!!!!

    • Girrrl

      This is kellys third album and shes been in the game 15 years and she’s STILL building her foundation?!?! Bitch bye.

      All she wants is a hit album. Not gonna happen. Motivation was her biggest hit and she still hasn’t sold 200k in her home country!! Tragedy!

      Too many people are lying to her. Her voice is still pitchy after 15 years in the game, she still can’t stand on her own 15 years in the game (really who else is an opening act on a tour when they are supposed to be a veteran? Who else can’t perform alone on BET)

      How the hell did she flop harder in the UK when she is on Tv there twice a week? #56!!!

      Y’all know if Rihanna did those numbers y’all would have packed her bags and bought her a plane ticket back to Barbados.

      Kelly does not have what it takes to be a solo star!

    • theman

      I had atleast hoped that this album would strike gold. She deserves it. But her management and her label needs to promote her properly. You cannot wait that long to release singles. She should have followed up and promoted her second single after “Motivation”. I think she has sold over 200k now.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Maybe Kelly knows that the album bombed but she’s scared to admit in public that she and her team mismanaged her project. She really needs to get it together. There is no reason why she can’t have a hit album. She needs to utilize the resources around her. I hope she does better with her new album because she’s already on thin ice, seeing as this is her third album as a solo artist. She’s too deep in the game to be flopping like she has.

    • T

      Kellys problem is she keeps splitting her music between the UK and the U.S.

    • Bradley

      She was too busy tryna promote the album in other countries (i.e becoming a judge on X Factor UK). She should’ve stayed put in the US for the rest of the year and promoted the album. The second single flopped too and it wasn’t promoted that much.

    • sipmylipton

      Kelly’s biggest problem has ALWAYS been mismanagement of her products. All of her albums were solid but hardly none of her handling choices were (ie singles promo etc). She had so much workin in her favor this yr such as the perfume wit Diddy & XFactor but failed to use it. SN: Yrs in the game isn’t a factor. Look at Octavia Spencer. Decades of actin & shes just now gettin her just desert bcuz of The Help.

    • Ben

      Girrl says: “This is kellys third album and shes been in the game 15 years and she’s STILL building her foundation?!?! Bitch bye. All she wants is a hit album. Not gonna happen. Motivation was her biggest hit and she still hasn’t sold 200k in her home country!! Tragedy!”

      LMAFO Poor Kelendria. But you’re so right. It was a flop. Someof the songs were solid (like Rihanna), but the album as a whole was bad (like Rihanna).

    • Laurie

      damn I didn’t know her numbers were so tradegic ! Wow now that’s really bad not 200K yet in the US since the album released back in july omg. i don’t know what to say that’s embarassing