Way Back Wednesday: The 11 & Over Club


    Rihanna shocked the world today when her latest single, ‘We Found Love’, ascended to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and became her 11th #1 song on the tally. However, the trendy Pop star is not the first act to achieve that feat. In fact, as Way Back Wednesday will highlight, 7 other artists have also matched that benchmark and even went beyond.

    Among the artists who have landed at least 11 #1 songs on the Hot 100 are The Beatles (20), Mariah Carey (18), Michael Jackson (13), Madonna (12), The Supremes (12) and Whitney Houston (11). Join us below as we remember some of the biggest hits from the members of the 11 & Over Club:

    The Beatles – ‘Hey Jude’

    Madonna  – ‘Vogue’

    Mariah Carey – ‘Emotions’

    Michael Jackson – ‘Billie Jean’

    The Supremes – ‘Stop! In The Name Of Love’

    Whitney Houston – ‘Saving All My Love For You’

    Whether it was a result of incredible vocal gymnastics, stimulating lyrics or brilliant production, these songs impacted popular culture and influenced generations. Indeed, even in the period in which they were released, it was obvious that these records were instant classics instead of just timely hits.

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome Rihanna into the ranks of the 11 & Over Club. She may not have written, produced, composed, arranged or even tried to sing her songs but they are hits nonetheless. Yet, ask yourselves if you will remember the following songs in 20 years:

    Rihanna – ‘Love The Way You Lie’/’What’s My Name?’/’Only Girl (In The World)’


    • that was one of her best performances imo

    • uh huh

      Great post. Disgusting facts. RiYAWNa is not deserving to be in the same category of any of those artists. This is a sad day in music history. As a real fan of real music, l shall bow my head in shame & plug my ears for protection.

    • Adam

      LMAO jANET JACKSON gettin shunned from all the lists now i feel bad for her stans

    • R@@

      Im not trying to bring Rihanna down but trent does has a point…how many of us will honesty remember most of rih’s songs in 20+ years…like me personally I don’t wont rih to have all this major success and in 10 years we question “what happened to Rihanna” but hey..if her fans don’t believe she needs a break or take some time for herself to comeback harder and be better than what she is today then so be it because from the looks of things she’s gonna be forced to take a break!!!!

    • Dan

      Yea stupid Janet Jackson, so what if she’s more relevant today than Mariah, Whitney, & Madge, whatever thats what she gets

    • GREAT POST Trent!

    • tim

      Great post!

    • Sarah

      As easy as it is to get a number one nowadays, this is worthless

    • Julien

      Some people feel that some of Mariah’s #1 hits won’t be remembered 20 years from now either so no need to throw shade on Rihanna.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Let’s be honest, in this day and age, #1s don’t mean as much as they once did. So Rihanna having 11 #1s doesn’t mean much to anyone but her stans. I like Rihanna’s music and eveything but her music pales in comparison to Mariah, Whitney, and all in the 11 and Over Club so this accomplishment isn’t really considered a true accomplishment and will be disregarded by most.

    • R@@

      But yet majority MC songs made an impact in Music….! No shade to Rihanna but… what songs in her catalog can you say are an impact to MUSIC as a whole?

    • Ugh

      i certainly won’t remember them. damn i already forgot. they are now songs.


      Good post and no not many of her songs will be rememberd but it is what it is/

    • Jenna

      all that rembering crap is subjective because I couldnt sit here and tell you ALLLLL of Mariah’s fuckin no.1s ethier. alot of them were industry tricks she would pull. Who remembers “loverboy” or “touch my body”. seriously. some will be remembered and some wont so shut the fuck up ugly bitches

    • jokerjojo

      The real question is can u name all 18 number 1’s by mariah ….i cant or all Whitney or Michael number 1’s ….I can’t but certain songs stand out and ate remembered. Not all rihs 11 will be but many will be so I think this post is a stretch and kinda dumb

    • negro_please

      I think this list lacks in info: Diana Ross is the first female with 18 #1s (she sang lead on 18) Michael Jackson (sang lead on 17)

    • Dray

      People are still playing Umbrella like they still listen to Billie Jean and We Belong Together. None of the songs are vocal. Powerhouses like Patti’s Somebody Loves You but there is something about all the songs that keep them in our memories and are timeless. Name one Beyonce song besides Crazy In Love that is truly memorable for all. I mean, all artist today are on the same level some just have that “it” factor which sets them apart. Rih has it no matter the shade or hate thrown her way.

    • harray28

      Somewhere, Mariah Carey is sippin on tea, plotting to take over the airwaves again..

    • Hmmmm…

      20 years? I don’t even remember them now….

    • OnlyMiklo

      Trent…………. you the homie………… but give props where props are due without the SHADE.

    • kris

      @negro_please Diana Ross has 6 number ones & the Supremes has 12. You can’t combine them. Same thing applies to Michael and the Jackson 5. You mad? Tell Billboard

    • Dan

      LOFL if it were so easy to get #1’s now, why dont Beyonce have more? Oh I know why because her music is all garbage

    • dee

      someone above me compared rihannas ‘umbrella’ to ‘billie jean’ and ‘we belong together’ I just can’t

    • @dee
      but honestly “Umbrella” is very memorable

    • 100Block

      Whitney Houston in that performance above was a vocal BEAST! Pure Diva!

    • Theman

      Mariah Carey’s songs are all basically memorable. Rihanna is by far outclassed. Rihanna stans know nothing about music. They need to sit down somewhere with her and her lollipop cookie dough music.

    • Theman

      Other than Rihanna’s songs what else does she have?

    • OnlyMiklo

      okay………. so Rihanna has many writing credits and regardless if she only worked on the styling of Rudeboy, the way it was sang and put down on the track shes still put down as a writer on the track. Whitney has not written ANY of her #1 hits but has produced 1. As well as Rihanna she was many songs that she took part in writing that NEVER hit the #1 spot. Even her biggest single was an original by Dolly Parton, but everyone knows that. Furthermore The Supremes never put pen to paper because the Holland brothers and Lamont Dozier wrote EVERY one of their hits. to dig even Deeper Diana never wrote any of her 6 (out of 90 singles) hits. Sooooooo Let Rihanna be whether she wrote a top single or not she still deserves to be there just like the rest of them because in 10 years no one will remember any other the other folks music as much as they will remember hers because she will still be relevant.

    • Shea Butter

      LMAO!!! No shade but I truthfully cannot see Rihanna’s music being considered classic especially in 10 years. I personally believe Rihanna’s strongest component is her Promo Team…… her music is about gimmicks and stunts; I mean she is still touting the Chris Brown ordeal in her videos(I refuse to believe she was unaware of the resemblance the model had to Chris Brown) as well as she is not very original!….but anyway….thats just my opinion on the situation.

      Also I can name most of the hits from Whitney/Mariah/MJ/The Beatles……if you can’t….well….I wonder how old you are.

    • Jess

      Not hating on Rihanna but Trent has a point. What is happening to music? Were settling for less. Rihanna has very little talent and we all know thats true and she almost has the same number one’s as Michael Jackson? But nowadays getting a #1 aint shit

    • Hey Mariah fans,
      Check out my demo that I wrote for Mariah! 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkXP2dc0I7c

    • SparkD

      Umbrella is more iconic than We Found Love. Most people won’t remember it years from now. It’s like junk food. Still, congrats to RiRi!

    • Ravey

      WOW you guys are easily retarded, quite funny

    • negro_please

      @kris– I think I stated that. I made my point! go back to hell. MOST OF THESE SONGS THAT HIT #1 ARE SIMPLY FOR A ONE WEEK IMPACT….look at KATY PERRY’s remix lift her ass to 5#1 from one cd….I think its better to look at the sales of the single. Songs that never hit #1 – sometimes outsell a song that remain at #1 for weeks…BILLBOARD CHARTS SUCK

    • plain & simple

      Sorry but Rihanna should not be in the same list with those great singing artists even if she does have all those #1’s. I have been on many many blogs and it is ashame how many people are saying the same thing. Using Chris Brown look a-like in this video and now she getting so much feedback from everywhere. SMH

    • WonderLand19

      Great Post Trent.
      Your really improving your site. I like that its not about hating artists.
      To see the difference between now and then is mind blowing.