Way Back Wednesday: Diva Duets


    True divas are the most talented and celebrated women in the industry with few other artists matching their incredible impact. Yet, when these acts join forces, the results are even greater!

    As such, Way Back Wednesday will reflect on some of the most thrilling combinations of women who have influenced their fans as well as their peers. Watch some of these performances below in The Lava Lizard’s special Diva Duets segment:

    Aretha Franklin & Dionne Warwick – ‘I Say A Little Prayer’

    Brandy & Monica – ‘The Boy Is Mine’

    Destiny’s Child & Celine Dion – ‘Emotions’

    Patti Labelle & Mariah Carey – ‘Got To Be Real’

    Tina Turner & Cher – ‘Shame Shame Shame’

    Whitney Houston & Mary J. Blige – ‘Ain’t No Way’

    It is always exciting to see divas on the same stage. Whether it is the spectacle of their combined stage presence, the harmonies of their voices or the idea of a possible fight over the spotlight,  there is no denying that indescribable feeling of simply seeing our favourite artists in the same setting.

    However, concerning the younger generation of artists, the possibility of such unions seems almost impossible. Most of the female acts who currently dominate Pop music could barely sing on-key and when they try to work together it is similar to listening to a pair of cats screeching in an alley with the assistance of auto-tune – Rihanna and Britney Spears’ ‘S&M’, for instance.

    Still, there have been a few impressive duets within the last 10 years. Beyonce and Shakira’s ‘Beautiful Liar’ was enjoyable, despite the fact that they never performed it live, and so was Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson’s ‘I’m His Only Woman’.

    To end this trip down diva lane, let us watch Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s show-stopping rendition of ‘When You Believe’ on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. Perhaps, they should reunite to perform this tune one last time, even if it might sound a bit rough today.

    Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey – ‘When You Believe’

    PS: Yes, Celine Dion and Destiny’s Child’s performance was technically not a duet but think of them as two acts instead of four people. In other words, humour me!


    • 100Block

      Whitney Houston always slays. Her and Mary should had recorded that duet for an album

    • Destiny’s Child and Celine Dion not a duet? Are you serious? lol You meant to say Beyonce & Celine Dion with Beyonce’s back up singers in the forefront lol

    • larry

      Brandy and Monicas performance was a tad boring! They couldve done better
      Did yall hear Michelle W! She was niceeee she needed more solos and Celine’s run into the head voice!! Wooiiii and Beyonce was GOOD!!
      YAAASSSS my musical mothers Mariah and Patti!! Going aawwwfff
      Cher and Tina going inn who would have known!
      Whitney on crack was the funniest whitney but that performance was amazing phenomenal!
      And MC and Whit….classic!

    • Ariana

      Agreed. It’s almost impossible to have a decent diva duet this time. However, it would be interesting to see what younger generations have to offer if they sung a duet with one of these divas. For example: many people have said they’d like to hear Mariah & Christina Aguilera or Beyoncé. That’s something I would truly like to hear and watch!

    • Kristal

      Great post Trent!!!


      Cher was gettin’ DOWNE!

    • WonderLand19

      They should be more diva duets like this but the state of the industry is going down. However, acts like Jessie J, Alexandra Burke, Adele, Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson could be the ones to bring back the ‘DIVA’.

    • Shea Butter

      All I can say is don’t hold your breath on the Mariah and Christina duet…..LMAO. I don’t see it, as well as I hope they never collaborate…I’m not a fan of Christina….

    • Sir Sim

      Tina and Cher HANDS DOWN! Yea, I don’t any great duets like those nowadays. Maybe that Chris Brown and Jordan Sparks duet, “No Air” but they never performed live (and he’s not a diva . . . well, not confirmed).

    • Theman

      Mariah,Patti,Whitney & Celine are amazing. Monica and Brandy are to.

    • sean

      Whitney and Mary J was epic! so much energy. Whitney and Mariah was good, whitney slayed but yeah we won’t see duets like these again the talent is missing