Watch: ‘The X Factor (US)’ (Season 1 / Episode 11)


    The 11th episode of ‘The X Factor (US)’ aired yesterday! In this second live installment of the series, the final 12 contestants performed not only for judges Simon CowellLA ReidPaula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger but also to impress the viewers, who will decide their fate in the upcoming results show.

    Watch the full episode below:

    Click here to watch Episode 11

    Of course, all of the individual performances can also been below:

    Stereo Hogzz

    Chris Rene


    LeRoy Bell

    Rachel Crow

    Lakoda Rayne

    Josh Krajcik

    Melanie Amaro




    Marcus Canty

    Stacy Francis

    If you missed Episode 10 then click here to watch!


    • Ariana

      Melanie >>>>> Stacy. Her voice is so pure & natural and the way she sings looks so effortless. Lessors better deal because Mel is sooo winning!

    • SparkD

      Everybody was amazing in their own way! Wow!

    • SparkD

      Actually Melanie is pristine, and Stacy is raw emotion. Stacy is more powerful than Melanie, but Melanie has more control. I can’t say one is better because they’re both special in their own way. I think Drew may win. Her tone is unique, unlike Stacy/Melanie, and I love vocals like Stacy/Melanie.

    • plain & simple

      I enjoyed the show, to me everyone we great.

    • NKE

      marcus was wow.

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