Sean Garrett Says Brandy’s New Album Will Shock Fans


    Earlier this month, Sean Garrett and Brandy gave her fans a taste of what they should expect to hear on her new album when it hits stores by April next year. However, in a recent interview with Rap-Up, the former shared additional details about the project that he claimed will shock her supporters.

    Additionally, Garrett hinted at a surprise guest who will appear on the Hip-Hop-influenced lead single, which is set to debut before Christmas. In fact, he noted that most of the album, which will also feature contributions from Bangladesh, Hit-Boy and Tha Bizness, is framed by Hip-Hop productions bolstered by Brandy’s signature harmonies.

    Read exactly what Garrett had to say below:

    How is this album going to be different from Brandy’s past ones?
    It’s gonna show the evolution of Brandy, the fact that she’s very, very current. Her harmonies and vocal abilities are still unmatched and there’s still a lot of integrity in her records. I feel like there’s a great deal of cohesiveness in this album, but at the same time, there were a few chances taken. But I feel like it’s a really, really dope record. I feel like young and old people will definitely love it. I hope people feel like she hasn’t missed a beat with this album.

    What I wanted to do with these records is make sure that she kept the integrity of who she is, but she’s definitely still showing people how to do hit records. I wanted to feel her having fun and I feel like she’s having fun on this album.

    You said the album has a hip-hop influence…
    Absolutely. I had the opportunity to work with some of my friends who I love working with like Bangladesh. We definitely got a hip-hop element to it. I also worked with my man Hit-Boy and my buddy Tha Bizness. We always kept a very solid hip-hop type of vibe to it as far as the drums, but at the same time, it’s very, very climactic, harmonic, and it’s about love.

    A lot of the songs are very, very love oriented. Even though we have a touch of hip-hop on the tracks, there’s a great deal of Brandy in every record.

    Will she have some club bangers on there?
    Better believe it. You got to know that.

    Are there any featured guests?
    It’s gonna be action packed. I think it’ll be more fair for her to reveal the collaborator we’re putting on the first single. They’re really, really hot songs and I’m proud of it. I really love and enjoy working with Brandy and we’re still working, but the work we’ve already been able to accomplish has been incredibly fun and fresh. She’s just having fun and letting her hair down.

    It was just a very free environment, roll your sleeves up, and get to the fucking music. Trying to do what everybody else is doing is out the door. We just went in there and just got down to the music.

    Will her R&B fans be pleased?
    I wanted to take this opportunity to really try to bring R&B back. I’m not gonna do it single handedly, but there’s some records on here that are really good and gonna make people be like, “I love R&B music and I miss R&B music.” At the same time, there are some records on here that people are gonna be like, “Oh shit.”

    It’s so great to be able to create for people and have them really appreciate your love and appreciation for them because she has one of the most incredible voices I’ve ever recorded.

    What else can you tell us about the first single?
    What I can tell you is that it’s hot. It’s definitely something you have never heard—you probably haven’t heard Brandy over a track like this. It’s very commercial, but at the same time, it’s got a dope hip-hop influence—it’s club, it’s radio, it’s all formats.

    That’s produced and written by you?
    I am one of the producers on the record and yes, I wrote it.

    Is it safe to say the feature is a rapper?
    That’s possible, that’s possible [laughs].

    Will we get to hear it this year?
    It’s coming really soon. I’d probably say before Christmas.

    And the album early next year?
    Yeah, I think she said her album is coming around April.

    Hopefully, the final result of this project would not equate to a massive anticlimax. At this juncture in her career, Brandy can’t suffer a loss!


    • cliff

      her last album was just as good as her other albums, hope it does well. she’s real talent !

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    • plain & simple

      I can’t wait. I’m seeing a #1 album here

    • Ugh

      I can’t wait. that gif is killing me…lol

    • Tristan

      Though Brandy’s core has always been R&B she is still a very versatile artist. I love the fact that each one of her albums do not sound anything alike. Saying I’m excited would be an understatement. Roll on April 2012!

    • Camy Joe

      OMG at the gif! Trent I will forever love you.

    • Judas666

      Brandy, NVS, and Full Moon were her best albums

    • Judas666

      I meant NSN

    • james

      Im sorry but human and afrodisiac were her best so far. I loved the other albums…but Im a huge fan of hers..and I never even consider listening to her earlier cdš even though I loved them at that time….her most recent work..the beats are tighter…and vocally she sounds way better..and the critics acclaim afrodisiac as her best work…

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