Mariah Carey: “Pregnancy Made My Voice Stronger”


    Mariah Carey has been making the media rounds as the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig and although many people have been dazzled by her improved body, they wonder if her voice has undergone a similar transformation. However, the diva has affirmed that her famed vocal range has actually been strengthened following her pregnancy.

    Fans of Carey got the first glimpse of her post-pregnancy vocals at the start of her reworked ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, which features Justin Bieber. Indeed, despite the general arrangement of the track remained the same, she added a few ad libs at the beginning to entice her listeners.

    Watch Carey’s interview with the Associated Press below where she discussed the changes to her voice and the compliments that she received from producer Rodney Jerkins regarding the improvements:

    If Carey’s voice has indeed continued to improve since her ‘Merry Christmas II You’ album then her next project has the potential to be one of the best releases that she has crafted in over a decade. There is no denying the fact that, at her peak, Carey had one of the best voices of our time but she has experienced her share of vocal issues in the last few years, especially after 2006.

    Yet, the “zen-like” perspective that Carey adopted since being pregnant has seemingly encouraged her revamp in every aspect of her life, including both her body and her 5-octave voice. Music’s head diva is finally ready to reassert herself as the industry’s dominant artist!


    • jay

      LMAOO at that gif… I wish mariah all the best…people truly count her out when she seems like shes at her lowest..mariah will never just “vanish” shes too talented to just disappear..

    • XCal86

      Mariah has 0 appeal, she has no stage presence, and everyone knows her vocals are as enhanced as her photoshopped photos. She is the ultimate deceiver. I dont believe anything that comes out of this woman’s mouth SMH.

      Expect to hear a lot of studio enhancing on her next album

    • jay

      @xcal86 bitch shut up and stop hating. she paid her dues long ago..she is a legend..NOW SIT YA ASS THERE AND DEAL WITH IT. she’s not going anywhere!

    • Cliff

      excited to see what shes cooking up 🙂

    • Americanboi

      She is a legend. That doesn’t mean her voice isn’t shot to shit now. Everyone knows that but these delusional lambs that will make any excuse up known to man about her voice. I HOPE that her voice has improved, and i pray she will give us an album like The Emancipation. B/c that last album was so terrible I literally threw it out of my car window i was so pissed with her.

    • Ariana

      There are not excuses when it comes about her vocal decline. She’s certainly not the same but she’s 41 now, however her voice definitely improved since MCIIY and as you said right I hope she doesn’t deliver another crappy album like Memoirs… something more ala Emancipation would be perfect! She better don’t let us down.

    • So EXCITED!! GODriah is RETURNED!!

    • harray28

      Yass!! The Queen is about to slaaaaay!! Btw that GIF… smh lmao

    • TheMan4u

      is this the mariah carey blog now?

    • plain & simple

      THE QUEEN!!!!!!

    • Theman

      “Memoirs” is a great conceptual album. Mariah’s voice is fine. She has her moments. But on the “MCllY” album her vocals were great. She doesn’t always have to sing the same way. She is the best technical female singer period.

    • Knoweledge

      Best female technical singer in their prime imo was Whitney. She did most of her best vocals live and not in the studio. Check her old performances. That woman’s headvoice/chestvoice was no joke.

      Mariah was great too

    • Mimiistheone

      Ahhhh Mimi will always have haters, and she will always be the best. You can tell the haters from the real, cuz if you don’t like her that much, why and the f**k do people still make it their business to read everything about her, and comment negative ish?!? smh

    • XCal86

      I’m sorry but Mariah need to grow the fuck up. She no longer look like a sex kitten, just a 40 year old in skimpy clothes #FAIL

    • Theman

      Whitney is a great ordinary singer. Mariah can go lower,higher and her timing and phrasing with music is unmatched. Whitney wa great in her head/midchest register, but Mariah exceeded in the lower/upperchest/whistle register. She is also great at all of the other registers. She simply can do it all, thus making her the best. Whitney is no doubt an excellent singer though.

    • Theman

      Also, as far as the sexy thing goes Mariah has been looking great and she hasn’t been over doing it. Angry birds lol.

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