US Chart Preview: J. Cole’s Victory & Jason Derulo’s Catastrophe


    J. Cole’s debut album, ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story’ is primed to nab the top spot on the Billboard 200 this week. Although the record has underperformed compared to initial projections, it has sold well over 200K copies.

    However, Jason Derulo has not been as fortunate. In fact, the sales of his ‘Future History’ LP were an utter disaster.

    J. Cole’s ‘Cole World’ has sold over 217K units in the last week. In fact, the record has outperformed its nearest competition, Blink-182’s ‘Neighborhoods’, which sold north of 155K, by over over 60K units. In addition to its commercial success, ‘Cole World’, which includes the singles ‘Work Out’ and ‘Can’t Get Enough (Ft. Trey Songz)’, also received generally positive reviews with a general score of 74 on Metacritic.

    Unfortunately for Derulo, however, all consumers were not in a giving mood. The ringtone champion has sold a catastrophic 13K copies of his ‘Future History’ album and will enter the Billboard 200 at #29.

    News of Derulo’s underwhelming sales follows numerous television performances, including a spot on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ last week. Interestingly, both of Derulo’s singles – ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ and ‘It Girl’ – cracked top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100 and outpaced the tracks released by J. Cole.


    • trent, i am done with you. not with that jada gif.

    • Tim

      That what Gayson gets with his Michael Jackson/Chris Brown wanna be ass.

    • Jess

      That gif! DEAD!

    • Seymone

      Yes that’s why this girl i’m cool with on twitter calls him Jason DeFuckNo LOL. he fails

    • Ariana

      Ringtone champion? And that gif…. YOU’RE SO FUCKING WRONG for doing that Trent! LOOOOOL 😀

    • plain & simple

      OMG! is that all Jason sold 13k? You see most of his mainstream fans only buy his LMFAO

    • plain & simple

      correction: buy his singles LMFAO

    • Kristal


    • Me Damnit!!!

      LMFAOOOOOO at that GIF! *DEAD* at you calling him ‘the ringtone champion’! Trent you really ain’t shit sometimes! LMAOO!

      13k is pretty pathetic though. I can’t even make fun of him anymore, it’s just sad. I guess for all the fools who said he was going to take CB’s spot can STFD now. *giggles*

      Congrats to J Cole!! #ColeWorld!

    • CurveLUVBreezy

      Two words CHRIS BROWN! Did Jason really think he still had a fanbase once Breezy came back. Im mean how does someone come back from ruin sale 271,000 copies & debut at #1, yet Jason’s good boy image couldnt even get him at least 100,000 copies. Dammn.

    • CurvesLUVBreezy

      Two words CHRIS BROWN! Did Jason really think he still had a fanbase once Breezy returned for his spot! I mean how does Chris come back from ruin, sale 271,000 copies & debuts #1, yet Jason with his good boy image couldnt pull at least 100,000! damn Jason. either way good looking J Cole. thats great for him!

    • annie

      Apparently when Chris Brown messed it all up in 2009, Jason’s label pushed him out there and according to NeonLimelight’s founder, Jason’s people/manager tried to convince him that he was going to take Chris’ place!

      They literally said that. The ego. I don’t think he’s not talented, but she just doesn’t have the appeal of an usher, a justin bieber and chris brown. He’s not good looking and his songs aren’t memorable. Sigh.

      His GF Jordan Sparks is hot though.

    • WonderLand19

      WELLDONE J.COLE!!!!!! So deserved!

      Jason, if u wanna come and ‘replace’ Chris Brown you can hit the road and dont come back! You need to find your own idenity. Stop swagger jacking from Breezy/MJ and Usher. Plus, stop using Cover Girl!

      J.Cole you are a true artist. Love your album soo much. Hoply you go gold in 3 weeks!

    • BreezyTaughtMe!

      DAMN!!! Jason thats a shame 13,000 copies, tsk tsk. CurvesLUVBreezy is right both times lol, how the hell does Breezy sale that many when so many doubted he could, yet people were calling Jason the next big thing. & another thing, Chris’ Graffiti sold a lil more than 100,000 first week & he released that in the midst of his troubles. CONGRATS to my other boo J Cole. he is blowing up!

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