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    Did you know that The Supremes were the most successful girl group on the Billboard Hot 100 during the 50-year period of 1958-2008?

    Ranked at #14, the ever-changing trio accumulated 12 #1 singles on the tally. Coincidentally, their most popular lead singer, Diana Ross, placed at #25 on the 50-year recap and scored 6 Hot 100 chart-toppers as a solo act.

    Now you know!

    • Ugh


    • Blogjacker

      First female to have 6 #1 singles and Mariah actually tied her for 18 #1s PROPS!

    • Purple & Orangey

      They had 5 consecutive #1’s and then after a short slump they continued with another 4 consecutive #1’s. They were bad ass.

    • LurkerG

      Love your history minutes 🙂

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