Madonna To Debut New Single With Nicki Minaj At Super Bowl


    With several of her accomplishments in the record books being overwritten by younger acts, Madonna has prepared a clever tactic in an effort to defend her title of Queen of Pop. The legendary performer will debut her new single at Super Bowl XLVI.

    However, Madonna won’t be alone. Instead, she has summoned Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. to join her at the prestigious event.

    Madonna’s new single, ‘Give Me All Your Love’, was produced by Martin Solveig and includes verses from Minaj and M.I.A. The Super Bowl will air live on February 5th 2012 from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

    This news confirms Madonna’s previous statements that the first single from her new LP would have been available by March 2012. The album, which is also due early next year, is being primarily developed by her ‘Ray of Light’ collaborator, William Orbit.


    Clearly, Madonna has been observing the current trends in Pop music and wants to access the younger market in which Minaj is quite a formidable force. Furthermore, the Super Bowl is the largest television event of the year so it will almost guarantee that ‘Give Me All Your Love’ will be boosted to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    Hopefully, however, Madonna does not look or sound desperate while performing next to her younger peers. Indeed, if Mariah Carey looked awkward next to Minaj in ‘Up Out My Face’ then imagine how the 53-year old Madonna will appear.


    • @jdashwill

      This is going to be interesting!

    • Jordan

      Im excited for this

    • All these legends Nickie keep working with who is Krim working with these days oh Keys and some goon niggas from Brooklyn

    • Martin

      Madonna is back!

    • Nip


    • shaytan

      Kim can make a solid record by herself. Nicki greatest accomplishment have been from the results of collabs. Super Bass being the exception but promoted via Taylor Swift. Kim is Hip Hop and crossed over without going Pop. Nicki crossed over by abandoning her Hip Hop audience and going Hip Hop!

    • Theman

      Madonna looks dayum good in that photo. Mariah didn’t hardly look awkward next to Nicki. Infact, they really complimented each other. If the music is great i see no issue in her working with Nicki.

    • Mikey

      Seriously, at the end of the day we are talking about Madonna, people are saying that by Nickie and M.I.A appearing on the song that they will push it to number 1… Seriously, we are talking about a living legend whom has sold hundreds of millions of records and probably at this point does not even need to release a single to sell records. These two little girls should feel honored that they are working with such an Icon, if anything it will boost their careers.

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