Trey Songz To Explore Storytelling On ‘Chapter 5’ Album


    It has been almost a month since Trey Songz revealed that he has begun working on a new album entitled ‘Chapter 5’. Now, his longtime mentor Troy Taylor has shared further details about the project, noting that Songz will be exploring his skills as a storyteller and delving into his emotional side as he previously did with tracks such as ‘Can’t Be Friends’.

    Taylor also stated that the singer will be rapping on the record, thus reviving his Hip-Hop past. Read what he had to say about ‘Chapter 5’ below:

    Troy Taylor, who discovered Trey when he was 15 and executive produced all of his albums, spoke to about the project’s direction. “I think Trey is coming into his own now,” he said. “He was always taught to know what he wants and he was always taught to know how he wants to sound, and I think ‘Chapter 5’ represents the storytelling of how he feels and his emotions and just everyday life that people go through.”

    Expect to see continuations of storylines from previous albums. “What we’re gonna do is elaborate on other songs. ‘Can’t Be Friends’ was a huge smash, but on ‘Chapter 5’ we’re gonna maybe go into a little bit more of the girl he was talking about. We once had a song called ‘Black Roses’ on ‘Ready’; we’re gonna tap on it to tell you a little bit more of the story. So Chapter 5 represents elaborating.”

    Trey has been flooding the Internet with his rap remixes to songs such as ‘Gucci Gucci’and ‘Ni**as in Paris’ and he plans to showcase more of his rhyming skills on ‘Chapter 5’. “I took a poll on Twitter to see if people wanted to hear more of Trey rapping and they said it was cool,” shared Taylor. “He was a rapper first when he was 15. When he came to me the whole question was do you think I can be a singer, and when I heard him it was definitely.”

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    Regardless of how shallow Songz’s ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’ had sounded, ‘Can’t Be Friends’ was definitely a standout track on that album and a welcomed break from his penis-stroking ego-stroking music. Hence, I am curious to hear what he does by expanding that sound on ‘Chapter 5’.

    There is no denying Songz’s talent. The main problem, however, is how he has been wasting his abilities on radio fodder like ‘Bottoms Up’. Hopefully, the best has yet to come.


    • Jaki

      Did he ever go platinum on PPP… Just wondering!

    • ny
    • Gdboyratedloud

      Bottoms up is my shit doe. Lol

    • Gdboyratedloud

      Bottoms up is my shit doe. Lol Bisexual anthem

    • Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

      Now I want to hear it. Singing and rapping on one cd from one person. Start the leakage now…

    • ABC

      Hopefully he hired a vocal coach, because that goat yodeling that he calls singing needs to stop

    • MzGoodBadGirl

      @ny that was a good one, LMAO

      trey songz have the correct people in his corner. kevin liles is a great manager because trey can no sing, yes he have radio friendly songs and some people gravitate towards them but something is missing and thats why trey will never go platinum. sex can only take a person career so far. as ABC said , he need a vocal coach and hopefully, trey and keyshia both take lessons together,LOL

    • steve

      For the dumb ass bitches hatein on that nigga vocals your idiots. Aint nobody out there fuckin wit dude. Get yall music knowledge up!!!

    • rob

      If nobody can fuk wit him wat u think about chris brown somebody dat can really sing and that doent only talk bout sex, and we all already know the main reason y people even like trey is cas his body. Thats basicly y mostly girls lik him, and if he had good vocals he wouldve neva sung purple rain that ugly

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    • Yall some haters u just mad because u can never be Trey im sayin this because im a die hard fan for him and I go beast mode on anybody who fucks with him I don’t get it Y U MAD lol