Game: “There Are Several Closeted Gay Rappers In Hip-Hop”


    Last month The Lava Lizard encouraged our readers to discuss the controversial topic of whether the industry was ready to accept openly gay men in Hip-Hop and R&B. Now, just days after nabbing the top spot on the Billboard 200 with his ‘The R.E.D. Album’, Game has shared his views regarding the issue.
    Game spoke candidly to Vlad TV about the presence of gay men in the music industry and revealed that “there are several closeted gay rappers in Hip-Hop”. See what he had to say about the issue below:

    Surprisingly, Game’s responses to the questions were generally constructive. As a rapper who had once made several seemingly homophobic remarks on Twitter, Game’s thoughts on the matter are far different from what many would have expected.

    Personally, I sense that it will be a long time before openly gay men are accepted in Urban music, especially in Hip-Hop. As a markedly hypermasculine arena, gay culture is still widely marginalised and not accepted as part of the normative heteronormative structures.

    Indeed, as Game stated in this interview (at the 2:25 mark), closeted gay rappers pretend to “love girls and live the rap lifestyle”. Hence, he inadvertently highlighted that being gay is not reflective of Hip-Hop ideologies.

    Thus, as the music industry continues to develop and the gay lifestyle is slowly being accepted into the fabric of popular culture, there are still several strides that have to be made before Hip-Hop welcomes openly gay men. Until that time we will just pretend that several of our favourite rappers are straight but I’m not one to gossip.


    • Tracie

      That’s interesting…I wonder which ones are gay. I can’t think of any rappers off hand who are on the ‘down low’.

    • Kanye is gay…

    • Getnasty

      Kanye is a given.

    • I think Eminem is probably gay too tbh.

    • Shimmy

      LoL If Kanye is gay and if he were to come out of the closet today, I don’t think he would have any problems because 1) people already suspect that he is and 2) his skills are undeniable. I think that’s what gay male rapper needs in order to succeed in the mainstream scene: skills that would force people to overlook his sexuality and recognize him for the rapper that he is.

    • dannbfly

      Eminem,kanye and drake!

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    • Can the Game just be gay and come to me lol

    • LaFrench

      Finds it weird that none of you pointed out his comment about HIV coming from DL men, but was so quick to wonder who was gay. Man our gay community. SMH

    • britt

      So says a man who had a butterfly tatted on his face (covered it with ‘LA’) -__- anything to stay relevant I guess.

    • rolo

      lmao y yall say eminem tho???? serious question.

    • shorty1103

      thank you Britt lol….Gay people are everywhere so to assume that a rapper or several artists outside of Rap music might be gay, is foreseeable. Our society although slowly headed in the right direction as far as gay rights is concerned still see Gays as 2nd class citizens. If Black artists who identify as straight or bi- are constantly patronized on their sexual identity & constantly feelin like they have to defend I DO NOT anticipate any Black male artist admitting to bein gay. I wish artists shouldnt feel like they need to outright lie about it, but i see the concern. No1 should have their music fall 2nd in discussion to his or her sexual orientation.

    • hesings

      That gif

    • Gigli


    • ABC

      Game must be including himself in the group of closeted gay rappers

    • x

      Damn now Game cant come out the closet because he would be a hypocrite. However, my fantasies with him live on!

    • The only thing I dislike about this is his aids comments. They way he said it made it seem like aids came from gay people. I respect him nonetheless for standing up for what’s right but don’t lead people to believe that you’re gonna get aids from sleeping with men and women. Just saying.

    • Susan

      The Game is super cute!! Such a baby face. I hope T.I., Luda, CB were gay lol

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    • afri scotian

      So I am just wondering why on all the blogs and internet sites i see there is no real challenge to his comments about the transmission of HIV? Like AIDS is a gay disease. Like straight men and women are not transmitting HIV. WTF?? All I keep seeing are posts about how honorable the Game is for embracing gay rappers and claiming not to be a homophobe. HIV is not synonymous with Gay men who are in the closet or out of the closet for that matter. Thats some f-kd up shit. In 2011, we black people should no better than to not challenge this train of thought. Maybe we could be saving more of our peopl’s lives if we didnt look at HIV as solely a gay disease or place all the blame on men who are in the closet. The Game dont get no cool points for saying he embraces gays and in the same breath blame the spread of HIV on gay men. Love the Game as an artist but those statements are f-ckd up and we as a community need to challenge this way of thinking. I works for my country’s largest Black AIDS Service Organization and trust me HIV is far from a gay disease.. With his ignant ass.. You think that comments like that is going to compel gay rappers to come out of the closet? Sounds like someonbe is just looking to get some traction on some controversial sound bites..

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    • Legend of Josh

      I hate to say it but … HIV/AIDS still is and always has been a primarily gay disease. I’m not trying to be a homo-basher here, I’m just speaking the raw truth. The statistics don’t lie. They never have. Do straight people transmit the disease, yes of course, sure they do, but nothing even close to the same rate as homosexual men. I’m not going to get into all the details about the “why” behind it, but for anyone to honestly think it’s a myth or stereotype then you’re clearly in deep, deep denial.

      Here are the simple facts:

      Most people living with HIV/AIDS or have died from the virus are male.

      You’re much more likely to catch the virus having anal sex compared to normal intercourse. This is fact. Two men can’t have normal intercourse.

      Even though the gap is shrinking, men are still more sexually active than females. I’m just saying on average. Gay couples have sex more often than straight couples … again … on average. There have been several studies that back this up.


      So you add everything up and the ending result is HIV/AIDS is still and probably always will be for lack of a better term “gay disease” until there finally is a cure (if ever).

      Stereotype or not… the numbers don’t lie.