Game Announces New Album Title


    Game took a moment away from piquing controversy to announce that he is planning a new album. The rapper, who recently tackled the issue of closeted gay rappers in Hip-Hop and claimed that his former collaborator 50 Cent is gay, also revealed that record will be his final release on Interscope Records.

    Game has entitled his upcoming LP ‘Soundtrack to Chaos’. The record won’t comprise any features and will follow his ‘The R.E.D. Album’, which topped the Billboard 200 in August.


    This news is a perfect example of the one factor inhibiting Game from realising his full potential – he lacks direction. ‘R.E.D.’ is shockingly performing quite well in the US and worldwide so it would have been an even better decision for him capitalise on its momentum by releasing another single and promoting it to the best of his ability.┬áIn fact, ‘R.E.D.’ has been selling on the power of his name alone so imagine how successful it would be if he had a major hit single.

    Furthermore, as expressed by several of Game’s critics, ‘R.E.D.’ has solid material but it lacks cohesion. Hence, if he wants to issue another album then he should take more time to ensure that it truly reflects his talent.

    It seems that Game is just eager to escape his contract with Interscope. However, following the backlash he endured after his ‘Uncle Otis’ diss track about Jay-Z and Kanye West, his future in the industry is not as certain as he thinks.