Beyonce Stands At A Career Crossroads


    Beyonce shocked the world last month when she announced her pregnancy at the 2011 MTV VMA. Following her galvanizing performance of ‘Love on Top’, where she revealed her growing stomach, both her fans and her peers welcomed the news with excitement. However, motherhood brings change.

    As several female artists have experienced in the past, there are unjust yet ubiquitous pressures that plague women in the industry to revamp their music and performances to suit the more conservative standards associated with motherhood. These ideologies will undoubtedly impact Beyonce.

    The rising icon has built her empire on the fundamentals of female empowerment while balancing her sex appeal with catchy hooks and timely dance routines. However, it could be difficult to continue the trend of rump-shaking and gyrating when she becomes a mother. Indeed, her close friend Mariah Carey has already begun to encounter the pressure to dress more conservatively, despite the fact that she has worn revealing outfits for over 14 years.

    Yet, Beyonce has proven that her talent goes far beyond gimmickry. Unlike many of her contemporaries, such as Rihanna, she actually has talent behind the glamour and can belt a ballad with the same proficiency as her thrilling choreography. On the other hand, as proven with her ‘4’ album, her fanbase may not be ready to completely embrace such a mature sound.

    ‘4’ is her slowest-selling album to date and although it was panegyrized by critics for it’s musical depth, many of Beyonce’s fans were disappointed that it did not include more of her signature uptempo tracks. Surely, after years of catering to a market that craves shallow material, Beyonce has now found herself at a crossroads that will have a major impact on her career regardless of her decision.

    Hence, the question arises: should Beyonce continue to expand on the sound of her ‘4’ album by crafting more mature material to satisfy her critics or should she attempt the defy the odds and return to the catchy formula of songs like ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’? ‘Like’ The Lava Lizard on Facebook and join out debate below:

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