Sales Predictions: Jay-Z & Kanye West’s ‘Watch The Throne’ Set To Rule


    Whether it is because of rave reviews, their combined star power or a brilliant business strategy has yet to be determined but Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘Watch The Throne’ is set to score a massive debut. In fact, the record is on track to nab the top spot with some of the biggest sales of the year.

    ‘Watch The Throne’ is projected to enter the Billboard 200 at #1 with 400-500k units sold. These figures represent the second largest opening sales of 2011 thus far behind only Lady GaGa’s ‘Born This Way’ which debuted with 1.1 million copies in its first week.

    The primary reason for this accomplishment is suspected to be the exclusively online distribution of the album on iTunes for its first 4 days of availability. This business model helped to avoid early album leaks that would have otherwise crippled the success of the record. Yep!


    • rinarine17

      Those are low numbers considering who they are. Jay and Kanye are the biggest rappers and they can’t pull a million the first week TOGETHER. That is SAD by itself, if lil wayne outsell Watch The Throne……………YMCMB RUN THIS SHIT.

    • Americanboi

      That’s pretty good to say the didn’t promote it outside of just a commercial running on TV. and um Lil Wayne sold 1 million 1 time he’ll never do it again. I guess your going to totally forget about his last 2 albums which barely sold shit right? Stans are funny.

    • School em @AmericanBoi
      Totally agree. Ye & Jay had NO LEAKS & NO MUSIC VIDEO to promote the album.
      See if YMCMB can do the same & pull off those numbers. Doubt it.

    • Ci’Yonce

      Go Hov and Yeezy!!! Getting my copy this Friday.=)

    • Ci’Yonce


      Never been a fan of Young Money/Cash Money. To me their a bunch of overatted sellouts except me being a Nicki Minaj stan. Clearly I care less about Lil Wanye and Drake. Your opinion though but really their not a threat or never been a threat to Jay and Kanye because Jay and Kanye produce and put into their craft musically.

    • bidibidibom

      That’s pretty good they gonna outsell beyonce next week…..lolbut I’m still gettn they shyt bootlegg this weekend at the flea market!

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