Michelle Williams To Explore “Live” Sound On New Album


    Destiny’s Child may not be reuniting in the studio any time soon but the ladies will definitely be meeting on the charts. With Kelly Rowland and Beyonce currently promoting their new projects, Michelle Williams is gearing up to launch her own album which will be defined by its own unique sound.

    The ‘Love Gun’ singer has revealed that her record will include a mix of genres including live instrumentation. Read what Williams had to say about her album as well as her Destiny’e Child bandmates below:

    ‘Unexpected’ was your last album, released in 2008. What mindset are you going into with your fourth solo album being that ‘Love Gun’ is the first song we’re hearing?

    Actually, that song was kinda like an accident, first of all that I even recorded it because I’ve been toying with the direction of the music. Everybody seemed to absolutely enjoy it, but at the end of the day, I have to have the final say on the direction. I did the whole dance thing in like ’08 and now that seems to be the new craze but I’m always thinking ahead of what’s next and what’s new, you know what I mean. But I’m glad everyone is loving it but I doubt that’s the sole direction of this next record, unfortunately.

    Do you feel like you’re going to move more towards the R&B side then?

    Well, you know what, I grew up, first of all, with live music, gospel. The church is where I grew up. I miss hearing that in songs. I miss hearing organs.

    The cool thing about doing dance music is I like how when I did it live, it kinda had like an alternative R&B kinda sound to it. I enjoyed that.

    I’ve always adored Adele and I’m so happy that she’s having this massive success of real music. You don’t know how happy and excited I am about that. I just didn’t want, like when I talk about real music, like the real use of the instruments, I didn’t want that to die down.

    Speaking of that, I hope like everybody that’s trying to cut music education out of schools, I hope they look at the charts and know music is ruling. It’s coming back so don’t cut out that portion.

    So will your next album have live instrumentation?

    Absolutely! Yes. That’s how I grew up. My brother’s a musician, my uncles are musicians. That’s how we grew up — we grew up with live music. I hated having to sing to a track. I wasn’t raised like that. We had musicians to play. That’s what I want..

    Who’s the last person you went into the studio to record with?

    I just did something with Talib Kweli like last week. I love all types of music. My iPod is filled with people from Talib Kwlei to gospel greats like the Clark Sisters or the Winans. Then you got Whitney Houston to Coldplay to Bruce Hornsby and Rufus Wainwright. It’s so vast. So when Talib Kweli expressed an interest, I was like, “Really? The hip-hop want to work with the church girl? OK lets go.”

    That’s for his project?

    That was for his project but the feeling is definitely mutual for him to do something for me for the future. Interesting collaboration, very interesting. I’m singing a verse and a hook and he does his hot 16. Hi-Tek produced it.

    ‘Love Gun’ is a buzz record, but that may not even end up on the final album. What else have you done?

    I recorded so many different, extra songs. I’ve just been enjoying the freedom to do that, like nobody telling me like, “You gotta do this. You gotta work with this person. You gotta do that.” So I’ve been all over the place exploring new producers, new sounds, having an absolute blast doing it. So I know labels and managers go crazy when their artists do stuff like that but they got to get with the times and get it together.

    Any time you are pictured together with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, there’s immediate reunion talk. How do you feel about that? 

    It’s crazy. You know what, yes, Destiny’s Child is reuniting. Where? At the next event where we all decide to show up at [laughs]. But you know what, we love it and the fact that people are still asking and wondering. It could be the opposite reaction. It could be, “No! Stay home.” It could be that. It seems like a new natural disaster wants to occur when we are pictured together, which is love, which is great. I love it.

    What would have to happen for a definite Destiny’s Child reunion to occur?

    We would have to talk about it. We get so overwhelmed with seeing each other and we’re always talking about girl stuff and gossiping stuff, that that’s something that hasn’t crossed — I shouldn’t say it hasn’t crossed our mind — nobody has been the first to just say something.

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    • H

      I see Michelle got inspired by bey with live instruments

    • Oh Whatever

      Ain no reunion lol i won’t even hold my breath

    • Ugh


    • Smurfette

      Michelle has always been my favorite. Im looking forward to this new album

    • H, sit the fuck down.

      Michelle has been saying her next album will have a more “live” sound from 2009.

      Michelle is an innovator, a leader, not a follower. Notice how Michelle and Bey were the first mainstream artists to work with Rico Love back in 2007 – hence why Michelle’s “Hello Heartbreak” (which came out first) has the same producer tag “turn the lights on” and a similar synthesizer sound as Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams”.

      So please sit right down. Michelle doesn’t need to copy Beyonce.