Lil KIm & 50 Cent Deliver First Ever Live Performance Of ‘Magic Stick’


    Lil Kim surprised patrons of the WinterBeatz Festival at Challenge Stadium in Australia just hours ago by joining 50 Cent during his set. The members of Irrelevants Anonymous delivered the first ever live performance of their 2003 hit ‘Magic Stick’ much to the delight of their fans.

    Peep the footage below:

    It was fun to watch Kim and 50 Cent perform together after all these years as if the song was still new. There is no doubt that they were definitive figures in the Hip-Hop scene during the early 2000s and helped to take the genre to new heights.

    However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t compare Kim’s face here to pictures from 2003 to see how much she has changed. Exhibit A:


    • wow

      omg is she her own make up artist? this is just wow she needs to just take a year off or forver

    • TRRG

      lmaooooo she tried to pop her butt BYE

    • Aye Britt

      the thing is *looks at crush on you video* Kim was fucking BEAUTIFUL!! i dont know why she did this to herself. i thought ppl get plastic surgery to make them look better? maybe she did but her Notorious K.I.M. coins dried up so she flew to the Dominican Republic and asked for their “budget special”

    • Adam

      i must say she is looking a little better.She actually looks like she’s black but in that gif she looks half asian

    • bidibidibom

      If she is so irrelevant than why do u stay posting about her?? Smh your all on her nuts thanks for giving me sum kim news!

    • Shaytan

      Curious everyday Trent calls her irrelevant yet if she sneezes S(he) makes a post about it