Kelly Rowland Performs At Splash Bash


    Well, this is better than nothing. Kelly Rowland hit the stage at Splash Bash yesterday to promote her ‘Here I Am’ LP.

    Watch the singer perform several tracks, including ‘Motivation’ and ‘Bad Habits’, for the small crowd below:


    ‘Lay It On Me’

    ‘Bad Habits’


    • Dj

      Trent is such a Kelly hater sheesh let this woman build her brand her label obviously knows what they are doing. At the end of the day she’ll never be beyonce but she’s still a force to be reckoned with. At least she sounded great this time right?

    • Kelly Rowland has got to stop. She needs to realize that she’s not going anywhere musically. It’s not about “hating”, it’s about be upfront and real. The album has 3 songs, TOPS, worth listening to a second time. The fact that she thought throwing Big Sean on a track would help is just…. She should give it up, and be the best Sean John “Empress” perfume spokeswoman she can be.

    • Olly_Tei

      Dead @DJ suggesting that anyone in her camp knows what their doing, the dont over in america at least. The only reassurance is that she should gain a strong presence in the UK with a different version of the album lauching to coincide with her x-factor judging in october. And people shouldnt underestimated the UK market as every year around 20+ albums pass the 1m withing a 12month period. If she plays her cards right her UK sales could easily suppass the US

    • I’m so sorry to say this was her best vocal performance this entire era and by era im including the commander promo too. It proves she is still capable and now she just needs to deliver this vocal somewhere with a lot more reach. hopefully she’ll hit of bet or 1 of these upcoming awards shows. if she can keep her singles doing what motivation did her album will be a grower and if not she’ll at least be a singles artist and in today’s market that seems to be acceptable

    • Anniegirl100

      Camm, who are you to tell anyone to give up their career? Your parents must be proud. I dread the day you have kids. What a dispicable person you truly are. You would never say that to her face. What an internet thug.

      You should be one giving up, on whatever it is you do and seek help quickly. Go get laid quickly. Something. Anything to get rid of that pathetic self.

      Kelly will live how she pleases, and if you dislike it, she won’t know or care. Sad sad person.

    • Oh Whatever

      #DEAD at Camm Alexander..lmao i like you sir!

    • Dj

      @olly FYI she releasing an international version to coincide with the x factor uk. The us album was created as a singles album obviously when she signed to the new label they knew she wouldn’t instantly go gold. Yes I said gold. She is making money in sales off singles for the first album once their long term goal is accomplished she should be able to do better on the next album. I honestly believe the label has do e all of this strategically because they’ve watched her career tumble from the first label correct me if I’m wrong

    • Anniegirl

      I loved how people were singing the lyrics to motivation back to her. Her dancers are so good! That long/high note she sang on “bad habit” was soo good!

    • @AnnieGirl100 – I’m an “internet thug” because I stated an opinion that you disagreed with? That makes a lot of sense. Kelly Rowland is a single artist, meaning she can put out ONE hot single, but she cannot put out an album that has substance. That’s not giving up her career, that’s giving up making albums. She can gladly continue making music.

      And why wouldn’t I say that to her face? Somebody needs to because the people she’s surrounding herself with, clearly aren’t telling her how it REALLY is. They’re simply hyping her head up.

      I’m sorry that you’re a delusional fan, that cannot realize when somebody should focus/pursue other career paths.

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    • jamie

      Is it because she sounded so good that you chose to reserve your usual critiques Trent? EXACTLY!!! grapejuice rip-off.

    • Misty Jean

      I’m not a Kelly fan, but I like some of her music. I actually like Beyonce a little better, she’s more interesting. However, LeToya and Michelle are my favorite. They both have albums coming out soon (I hope). Hopefully, Kelly and Beyonce will bow down so LeToya and Michelle can see some international success. *PRAYS*