Brandy Preps “Classic R&B” Album


    Brandy fans won’t have to worry about her jumping on the Dance/Pop bandwagon because she is staying true to her roots with a “classic R&B” album. Producer Rico Love spoke candidly to Rap-Up about he singer’s new project, which is set to hit stores in early 2012, and revealed that he is pushing her to her limits.

    This news follows Brandy’s announcement that she signed a joint deal with RCA Records and Chameleon Records, embarking on a new era in her career. Read what Love had to say below:

    “I’m excited about the records I’ve done with her so far. I think we need to make it classic, just the music that people love,” the Division1 CEO told “There’s no real formula to it. I just believe in a strong melody and a strong concept. You add a great singer, especially a singer that has had the success that Brandy’s had, and a hit song is a no-brainer.”

    While Brandy has dabbled in rap before with her alter-ego Bran’Nu, she’s sticking to what she does best this time around. “That’s what I’m going for, justclassic R&B. Great concepts, great vocals,” added Love, who’s recently been in the studio with Mary J. Blige and Usher.

    “I push her to the limit vocally, same way I push Mary, same way I push Usher, same way I push Mario, Kelly [Rowland]. I just push people. If I know how great they can sing, I’m gonna push them that much harder. It’s like a coach who has the best player, you just want to make sure you run him to death in practice, so that they can perform to the best of their ability when it’s game time.”

    Read more on Rap-Up.

    This is fantastic news! Brandy has always been an R&B artist at her core and the only moment in her career where she stumbled was with the ‘Human’ LP, which was a clear attempt by her to access the broader Pop market.

    I look forward to what Brandy has to offer with this new project. Conversely, I hope Love’s idea of classic R&B is not the dreary sound of Monica’s ‘Still Standing’ or the generic filth that comprised most of Mary J. Blige’s ‘Stronger With Each Tear’. If that is the case then Brandy better head back to that room she was sitting in during the 1990s because she will not get my money.


    • The Boy With The Tattoo

      As a fan of Brandy’s body of work (ignoring Human), I do not want to hear any Kelly Rowland rejects on this album. Rico needs to stop his game up because I haven’t heard anything from him that has left me impressed. I hope Brandy is also working with a diverse round of producers as well so that the album doesn’t sound like one long continous song.

    • “Brandy better head back to that room she was sitting in…” #DEAD

    • carl

      “Brandy better head back to that room she was sitting in during the 1990s” LMAO trent

    • bidibidibom

      Ew who is rico love? Next! Anybody but him he ain’t nobody special
      Put brandy with rodney,baby face,r.kelly,missy,timbaland,teddy riley,scott storch even dr. Dre ! Who da hell is rico love?

    • Oh Whatever

      Rico Love is really on that bullshit..i just heard this new track he did for his new artist on Rnbxclusive, talkin bout it’s a hit…that shit was trash. I wrote his ass on twitter *sucks teeth*

    • whynotaskwhy1980

      Since she already assumed the slave pose in that AWFUL picture, I assume her music will follow the same path with Rico Wuv producing it. She’s worked with the best producers in the business, and she wants to hire this fool and his casio keyboard to give her Un-Motivation toliet -tune hits? She knows better, therefore I will show no mercy towards her in this upcoming FAILED era!

    • jon

      i think she knows not to put any mess out now…..She already learned from before.

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