Way Back Wednesday: Beyonce – ‘Crazy In Love (Ft. Jay-Z)’


    This week’s Way Back Wednesday is none other than Beyonce’s breakthrough hit ‘Crazy In Love (Ft. Jay-Z)’. The Rich Harrison-produced track controlled the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for 8 weeks in 2003 and helped the singer’s debut album, ‘Dangerously In Love’, to become her top-selling release to date.

    Probably Beyonce’s best record, the track was innovative and exciting, capturing the essence of her R&B/Pop appeal. Everything from the lyrics to the production and melodies was perfectly in tandem.

    This particular performance at the 2003 BET Awards, however, highlights one thing in particular – Beyonce’s growth as an artist. While her music may not be as impressive as this, her live showings today make this rendition seem almost embarrassing in comparison.

    Beyonce has improved her vocal performances as well as her dancing by an incredible degree, proving that with hard work, anything is possible. Even her ability to lip-sync has come a long way!


    • BeyBoy

      Beyonce never lip-syncs!


      @BeyBoy okay even I’m not that delusional. Bey lips but she does it when she has to dance

    • Wasn’t this beat stolen from The Stylistics, The Five Heartbeats, or somebody?

      The original song is quite nice, too …whoever it’s by.


      …Also, I agree about Beyonce’s lip syncing.

      Bey stans STILL want to argue me up and down that Bey’s ‘Get Me Bodied’ BET Awards performance was sang live! Even her Deja Vu performance…that part where Bey fell out on the floor was a tape.

      With all that bouncing, flouncing, and shit … there’s no way Bey sang that for real FOR REAL.

    • Topman

      Rich Harrison sampled The Chi-lites – Are You My Woman and it was an amazing decision, this is Beyonce’s most classic song for me

    • Entertainer

      Perhaps she should have seen him again to get a hit on ‘4’ instead of having The Nightmare all up on her new cd.

    • She was so pretty back then, and to say she never lips is the FUNNIEST thing i’ve heard, but anyways im not here for the delusional stans. Your ability to lip has improved, thank God for her improving on stage and vocally, cuz seeing her now and this, lol this was boring.

    • Bri

      She has lipsynced numerous times (the Oscars, the Superbowl are some examples that pop into my head). But I don’t see lipsyncing in this performance, the Deja Vu performance, or in the Get me Bodied performance. I used to be skeptical about the part of the Deja Vu performance when she gets on the floor, but watching it now, it’s totally possible that she’s singing live on that part. She’s not moving that erratically. And the Get Me Bodied performance, you can hear her catch her breath a few times. These are just my observations though. I’m not a delusional stan. I’m just pointing out what I notice. Coming from a former Britney stan, I know lipsyncing. And I honestly don’t see it in Bey’s performances.

      @Entertainer LOL! The Nightmare. Come on, he’s not that bad. 4’s a really good CD.

    • Deep

      @Bri The entire first verse of this was lip-synced. Please tell me that you aren’t THAT naive

    • RihBaby

      WAY back when she used to be relevant LOL!

    • TommyJ

      Even back then Beyonce was slaying the lessers. I love it. I fucking love it.

      And Beyonce can lip sync all she wants. She’s already proven that she can sing your favs under the table.

    • Bri

      Honestly, the first verse I can’t see. The quality of the video isn’t very good. And her hair is in the way. But it does sound like a backing track. I just don’t get it though. Why lip part of the song? Why not lip the whole thing or sing the whole thing live?

    • Bri, I think she didn’t wanted to lip sync the beginning because as we all know… if we aren’t feeling the first few seconds of something it impacts the way we feel about the rest of it.

      So, to keep her nerves from getting in the way (and it seemed like she aint know what she was doing at first either) …she just lipped it because it was one of her most important performances and she didn’t wanna fuck up.

      That’s MY opinion.

    • Bri

      @RonaldMatters.com That makes sense, I guess. Thanks for the input. =)

    • Kapri

      I’m a big be Stan but the BET Get Me Bodied performance was not not live. It was a pre-recorded live version she did but she was lip-syncing. To date the only live performance of that song is from the I Am… Sasha tour

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