New Song: Michelle Williams – ‘Love Gun’


    Michelle Williams delves deeper into Dance/Pop with her new buzz single, ‘Love Gun’. Produced by Druski, the record is the first glimpse of the upcoming “Inspirational Pop” album due this winter.

    Other producers contributing tracks to the project include Jim Jonsin and Rico Love, both of whom worked on Williams’ Destiny’s Child bandmate Kelly Rowland’s ‘Here I Am’ LP. Listen to ‘Love Gun’ below:

    Although this record will fit nicely with the current Dance/Pop trend, I must admit that I was hoping for an R&B record from Williams. Given her raspy vocals and astounding range (see ‘Through With Love’ from the ‘Destiny’s Fulfilled’ album), she could easily have put forward a gritty R&B/Soul album similar to Fantasia’s ‘Back To Me’.

    However, it is understandable that Williams would use the Pop trend to her advantage. At this stage in the game, R&B music is a risk that few artists are willing to try.

    Props to Concrete Loop for the track!

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    • BeyBoy

      She’s still trying? Girl just go back to Broadway.

    • Omg

      Gurl Bye!!! Few questions:

      What market will Michelle cater to?
      Who’s do you know that’s telling their friends “Gurl, when Michelle Williams album come out?”

      Michelle is cool, but she’s not a GREAT or good performer, her vocals are mediocre at best, and she’s not interesting.

      Not hating, these are facts!!! I’m sorry but Michelles is DONE!

    • “Mediocre”?

      Even TRENT, The King of Shade acknowledges Michelle’s “astounding range” which actually spans almost 4 octaves from A2-G#6….

      Michelle can SAAAAAAAANG 90% of these so-called “singers” off the charts right now..

      I love this! I love whatever music she does from Heart To Yours to Do You Know to Unexpected. All great albums, with the last one being particularly and rather criminally underrated!

    • MC_BFLY

      Sigh…… I was hoping for an RNB Michelle too.

    • Ugh

      ain’t nobody checking for this weirdo Michelle

    • I Love how everyone is agreeing that she is better at R&B. UNEXPECTED was such an underrated album! Was a really solid album! But wasn’t promoted well. She’s just tryna gain some money outta this Dance/Pop thing. R&B is needed!

    • andy

      i would love to see all the members of destiny’s child succeed, theyre all amazing

    • @Malachi

      Unexpected was mostly a Dance-Pop album…I’m confused….

      There were like 3 r&b songs on Unexpected, it was mostly dance-influenced pop….

    • Ny

      This isn’t bad but is anyone really checking for her?