New Song: Jay-Z & Kanye West – ‘Otis’


    Jay-Z and Kanye West sample Otis Redding’s ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ on this new song from their upcoming ‘Watch The Throne’ LP. Aptly titled ‘Otis’, the track will appear on the duo’s collaborative album which hits stores on August 5th.

    Listen to the Yeezy produced record below:

    This is the genius Hip-Hop I’ve been waiting for! Although Jay-Z still sounds like he is suffering from a case of memory loss with those sluggish lyrics, the sample is crazy! Next up needs to be ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Swizz Beatz or ‘Lift Off’ with Beyonce and I will be all set.

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    • A lot rappers need 2 be takin notes!

    • MeloRockstarr

      “Watch The Throne” finna be on I remember Drake throwin shade at them talkin bout they was copying him and Wheezy……MOVE

    • @Melo Drake needs to have a seat.
      this is Kanye & Jay-Z when he was doing Degrassi where was Jay-Z & Kanye, they were doing it BIG.
      He thinks just because he got a little Platinum plaque he can talk out of the side of his mouth..
      i actually like Kanye’s verse more than Jay-Zs on this track.
      i do not want to hear Welcome to The Jungle, i feel like Swizz is just going to OVER PRODUCE the sample. one can only hope he doesnt.
      as for Lift Off….. Bring It!! i want to hear that track, i hope it’s a smooth track, but i’m welcoming any surprise for that track.

    • AyeBritt_

      F*cking YASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! OTIS #Genius

    • plain & simple

      Don’t like it at all

    • Bri

      I wish I could like this. But I don’t. The sample has potential, but it’s way too distracting. All I hear is Otis Redding. I can barely hear what they’re saying. And when I try my hardest to listen to them, I still can only hear the sample.