Miguel Falls Off Stage In Houston


    He was trying way too hard during that performance so a mishap was a ‘sure thing’. Miguel fell off the stage at The Drake in Houston this weekend while performing his Urban hit ‘Sure Thing’.

    Watch him take a tumble below:


    • Class Act


    • Omg

      This is one THIRSTY queen.

    • Shorty1103

      Love Miguel as an artist but not a performer.
      But what does it say about an artist who can record a song but cant perform it to its full potential lol??

      Same thing can be said for other artists as well…

    • WonderLand19

      ARhahahahahaaa, That was funny!

      I LOVVVVVVVE Miguel. His debut album is flawless. He needs to come over to the UK and do some shows.

    • Flashynista

      the show goes on…it is what it was.

    • Maybe he should have tried to sing a little better instead of putting all his effort into that convulsive hip thrust/twist thing he did.Just Sayin

    • Ariana

      Awww poor thing. He’s a great singer though!