Mariah Carey’s Role On US ‘X-Factor’ Revealed?


    It’s about time that somebody who can actually sing got the chance to judge on the ‘X-Factor’. After years of trying to find budding superstar with the ability to match her vocal chops, Simon Cowell has signed on Mariah Carey for a special role on the US edition of the show.

    The industry’s head diva will reportedly choose the contestants who will advance to the live shows. However, Carey’s inclusion will oust Sinatta, Cowell’s ex-girlfriend, who fulfilled that same role on the UK installment.

    When asked about the move, Sinatta had this to say about the singer:

    “Well, let’s just say feathers will fly if Mariah takes my spot. Although she is a mega diva vocally, you can expect another ‘X Factor’ USA drama. I won’t just roll over and take it. I hope she can run in high heels.”

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    Sinatta better be careful. We all know what happens to people who upset the diva…


    • Fancy

      That giffffffff lol!!!!!!!!

    • kvi


    • RihBaby

      Who cares? She’s just another flop! Rihanna should be a judge not her!

    • jjenn


    • Queen MC

      @RihBaby DONT YOU DARE! Mariah sold more than 10 times your fave! GO HOME!

    • WonderLand19

      I really hope she takes Sinatta’s place because Sinatta is rubbish.
      Mariah is THE DIVA! and SHE CAN SING PEOPLE!! Cannot wait 🙂

    • TheMan

      so much for the lambs that dissed Jlo for doing Idol and now mariah is doing the lesser show, funny how things change

    • TinaSouthAfrica

      Can’t wait to see this fat ass whisper singer, voice missing diva Mimi on X-Factor.

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    • Ariana

      Mariah has some very funny followers. People who truly dislike her find always time to bash her. Pressed much?

      I really don’t care about this, She just needs to concentrate on her music, I love her but I don’t find exciting seeing her on reality tv shows. That’s for lesser acts, she’s more than that.

    • KingAquarius

      I love Mariah. I would like to see her on X-Factor, but what I would like to see MORE is her focusing on a new album, GOOD album. While many of the Lambs deny the truth, Mariah’s voice needs some help. She need some good vocal therapy and to come out of this whispering, squeaky season she’s been in for the last 5 years or so.
      I didn’t love Memoirs, primarily because she didn’t SING. She whispered the entire time and her range in most all the melodies of all the songs alternated between 5 or 6 notes. Let’s get that OLD Mariah back. She’s in there somewhere!!!!

    • Ariana


      I see what you’re saying and you got a point. Memoirs is one of her weakest albums, I was looking for a song where her voice truly shone but I was just disappointed. However, the fact that she stopped drinking during her pregnancy really helped her voice because if you heard her Xmas album and the live performances she gave on December then you should have noticed that her voice is getting stronger & stronger. I’m really looking forward to hearing new music from her, old school MC 🙂

      Oh, and btw Trent I can’t see the gif!!!

    • Entertainer

      But I thought reality tv is for ‘has beens’? No?

    • Kylexx

      MARIAH FUCKING CAREY i love you with all my heart but we need something new and good out soon. Btw i enjoy the MiMi blogs:)))